I know you probably already know this but my name is Jack (formerly known as Suzi…hahaha every time I say that I think of “the artist formerly known as Prince”).

I love the name Jack and it fits me perfectly.

Changing your name is an interesting thing. Some wise person said, “People will call you whatever name you choose.” Now that’s a novel thought isn’t it. Let me tell you, it’s true!

So here I am, being called Jack….alive, awake, completely smitten by Tiff, and totally into pleasure and having fun.

What about you? Do you like having fun? I honestly can’t imagine you or anyone else not simply loving all things fun.

It seems like each coaching week has it’s own theme that naturally evolves, and this week’s theme is FUN! I’m so happy about this, because oh boy, do I love it.

I love being irreverent and saying swear words, it’s super fun to me.

I love driving fast down steep hills and making Tiff scream and cover her eyes.

I love taking showers.  Every single time I get into the shower I feel intense pleasure and feel extremely appreciative of water, any temperature I choose, pouring over my body. (It must go back to a past life thing where showers simply didn’t exist…who knows??! I just know that I love showers.)

I love breathing in the scent of Tiff, and being brought smack dab into the present moment…WOW does that feel good.

Smoking cigars…is so damn fun. I had no idea.

Listening to books on Audible as I travel to-and-from makes me happy.

Kissing Tiff’s sexy mouth is pure pleasure.

I love our crazy dog Jassy running like a bullet through the house. There’s no question that dog knows how to have fun.

Oh and the newest love of my life is the sweetest little grandbaby girl you’ve ever laid eyes on. I simply cannot stop staring at her and holding her and dancing with her…pure fun!

I love it when I’m so overcome with love that the tears won’t be stopped.

Love is FUN.

SEX is fun!

I love being caught off guard by a smile from a stranger.

I find it extremely funny to hear other people’s most embarrassing moments.

I love the feeling when I pause to look into the eyes of the person taking my payment for groceries, and there’s that flicker of connection that happens…it just feels amazing, doesn’t it?!

Today is the day for YOU to have some fun.

Do something, anything, that makes you smile. Big or little, it doesn’t matter. Just pick one (or 50) things that feel good, taste good, smell good, look good, or sound good, and have fun with it.

Remember, YOU are bright and beautiful and meant to have joy in your life…today!

You are enough.

A happy life is for you.

There’s more than enough to go around.

You are perfectly on your path and can’t ever miss your boat because you’re in it.

What you want, wants you.

Your thoughts are yours, and they’re the very thing to help you create a life that has you smiling often.

Every good thing is yours.

Sometimes when the days feel dark and hopeless, like maybe you won’t ever have the relationship you truly want, or the job, or the body, or the _____________ (you fill in the blank), I’m here right now reminding you that it is possible.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, because they’re yours to have. I promise.

Claim your happiness right here and now.

Speak these words out loud,

“Today I choose to have fun, and feel happy, and to laugh out loud a LOT!”

The minute you claim it, it’s yours.

Let go of HOW it gets to you and go do something that feels good to you, and before you know it’ll be yours.

I’m giving you permission.

Go for it!

And then share your FUN ideas right below with the rest of us so we can all have more fun.

Here’s to a great day.