Hello dear one,

As I (Tiff) lay here in bed thinking this morning, I’m pondering the ins and outs of living as a conscious creator instead of being an unconscious victim.

What does “victim-mentality” mean to you?

Do you ever feel like the world is against you?

Sometimes when things feel unfair or that we’re constantly having to go without, it feels a bit like we’re floating in a dingy on the big wide ocean without any oars, and sharks are circling ready to eat us alive.

This sounds a bit extreme, but sometimes life feels a bit extreme, doesn’t it.

When you’re in this kind of a place, I beg you to stop and pay attention to your thoughts. What are they saying to you?

When you and your person (significant other) are in the middle of yet another conflict you may be thinking that life is ALWAYS hard, that there’s no happiness for you.

Or you may feel like nothing ever works out the way you want it to and that you’re not meant to be happy, because you rarely are.

Pay attention to those thoughts. They’re the window into your current “reality.”

If you want something different, make a choice to have something different, and trust that there’s an unseen power working in your behalf, through YOU, to give you exactly what you believe is yours.

If you believe you get nothing but frustration and conflict, guess what???

And please remember that part of the journey of living into the life we choose for ourselves is bits and pieces of opposition.

Being in a relationship with someone you love and adore will have bumps in the road.

Those bumps give you an opportunity to fine tune your thoughts and do your personal work to live more-and-more in alignment with the life you choose for yourself.

You may make a choice to work in a job that you love, and then the next week you get laid off from your current job. This means you’re right on track.

The opposition is not a message that you should stop, or that it’s not meant to be, it’s a message that you’re attracting experiences that match your fear of why you can’t or shouldn’t have something.

The opposition gives you the opportunity to look at your limiting beliefs and release them so that you can move forward in what you desire.

Don’t give in to the opposition!

You can either let things happen TO you, or you can consciously create by setting a clear intention of what you choose for your day and your life, then allow the Universe to go to work FOR you!

Do you ever struggle to believe that you can indeed have a relationship that’s filled with love, passion and deep connection? What’s your #1 reason why you believe you can’t? Please share it with us right below, and then also add the new belief you are choosing for yourself instead.

If you don’t believe that you can have what you desire, I promise you that you won’t have it.

If you believe that you can have what you desire, it’ll find its way to your front door, every time!

It’s that simple. Take a look at what you believe, and if it keeps you away from your heart’s desire, you need a new belief system.

Ask yourself the “hard” question: “Why can’t I have what I desire?”

Then do your ©BAGWORK and clear it out!

Here’s to consciously creating our lives, one belief at a time!!

Peace Inside & Out,


P.S. If you don’t know what ©Bagwork is, it’s our proprietary process that we use for ourselves and every client we work with to clear out, once and for all, the pesky beliefs getting in our way of having what we truly want. If it’s time for you to explore personal coaching with us, please contact Jack to fill out a consult application, click here.