Well well well, it’s finally time to reveal the big announcement.

Have you had a hard time sleeping because you were so tied-up-in-knots wondering what in the world we could be announcing? 😉

You may have thought we’re having a baby…NOPE. But our sweet grandbaby was just barely born (5 weeks early mind you). She’s been in the NICU but will be coming home very very soon. 🙂

The answer is in the vid. Click play and you’ll know WHAT we’ve been keeping up our sleeve.

We’re very serious about all things relationship…if you haven’t noticed.

I know you see the play-by-play on facebook, and what you see is real and we want it for you too.

So if you’re hungry for BLISS on the homefront, please click the very sexy yellow button below and take the quiz.

If you’ve already taken it and wonder what in the hell you do now, check your email because there’s a 5 video series (one a day) where we teach you the in’s and out’s of relationship nirvana.

As always, we’re wildly and madly here for you!

Tiff & Jack