Peace, the ever sought after emotion in relationship.

Peace is a feeling of calm when you stand in an alignment place.

If you think peace comes by avoiding uncomfortable situations or pretending that everything is fine, you will soon come to ask the question . . .

“Why don’t I feel peaceful with the person that I love?”

If living in alignment is the key to peace you may wonder how do I get into alignment when my relationship feels so messy?

The answer is simple… if you’re willing to see where YOU are living in discrepancy and if you will let your ego rest so that teaching moments can be recognized, the universal energy/God will assist you by sending an experience that will give you clarity as to the things that you are choosing to do that are keeping your Relationship out of alignment and ridden with chaos, fear and heartache.

It can be extremely uncomfortable when facing your ego. When you realize that you have done something that keeps you separate from your sweetheart, you may feel like you are an unlovable person or will never be enough.

This is just another part of the ego screaming an illusionary tale into your mind. None of us are perfect, and the purpose of this life is to release ego so that you can truly stand in your personal power and create a joyful life with your beloved in every aspect. So buckle up my friends, this is what it’s all about.

My question for you today… Are you willing to see where your ego is keeping you stuck In relationship?

 It’s time to ask yourself, “Hmmmmm, is my ego yanking my chain today?”

Love & Kisses,