The best way for you to get to know Tiffany would be through the eyes of Jack, for there truly isn’t one without the other. Tiffany and Jack have been together for going on 10 years and just recently tied-the-knot on February 24, 2017.


Jack’s Vows to Tiffany:

My sweet beloved Tiffany, the fact that I have the rare honor and privilege to be the man standing here, looking into your beautiful blue eyes, committing this day and every day to love and cherish you with everything that I am…makes me the wealthiest, most successful and happiest person alive.

I thank God every single day that you knew you would find me somewhere, somehow, and that you did!

You are the one that as a little girl thought marrying a half boy, half girl would be the best thing ever, and here we are.

Your child’s prayers for your husband’s safety and happiness sustained and encouraged me through many a hard day. And here we are, safe and so very happy. Thank you my Queen.

You save me, wake me, and enliven me. There is no me without you and you without me.

You my darling Tiffany, are forged from the mysterious. The touch of your hand, heals. You are the seer of souls. Your love goes far beyond what eyes can see. You are the destroyer of illusion and false images. And the lover of truth.

Your very presence awakened the sleeping King within me, and I stand this day as your equal.

Our journey has been perilous at times, oftentimes with no shore in sight. We’ve weathered storms severe enough to destroy us, but each and every storm simply brought us closer, and made us stronger and more in love than before.

In the words of my favorite Shakespearean sonnet, you are summed up in one line…

“Love is not love which alters when alteration finds…”

Me standing here as the man that I am is proof of your divine capacity to love bigger than any challenge at hand.

Your love smashed open the prison that had me bound.

Sweetheart you are woven from the finest, most exquisite cloth. Your beauty steals my breath. Your touch brings me to my knees.

The sound of your voice awakens my soul, and your belief in me and who I really am, fortifies my strength and courage to wake up every morning ready to take on the day with a tenacious unstoppable spirit no matter the wall to be scaled.

You are my purpose, my passion, and my life.

You are my breath.

You are mine and I am yours, today, tomorrow, and every day, thereafter.

We’ve lived many lifetimes together in so many ways, but this one happens to be my most favorite, and I’m planning on the next 45-50 years to be filled with seeing how big our love can be.

And I vow to each of you our beautiful children to love you, stand by you, encourage you, support you, and see you as you really are…perfect and whole with no lack in you.

You have a place to call home no matter the hour, you have 2 people that love you more than you can love you, and believe in you and know you’ll each have magnificent lives.

This love extends to the people you call “yours,” the in-laws, the grandbabies… and on and on.

We love you. We know you. And we see you. You are ours and we proudly and joyfully claim you.

Now may I say, Tiffany Ann Walker, you are the Queen of my world.

These hands, are the hands that will hold yours as we continue to build our beautiful life together.

And may I repeat the phrase that came through that first dream almost 10 years ago now, about “us” and who we are together, long before we understood how deep this “us” would go…

We can do anything…if we do it together!

And so it is.