When you are taking this quiz, you will want to choose the answer that would be the most natural response. Please make sure you let go of answering in regards to what you think you “should” do in any given scenario, and go with the one that you would WANT to do regardless of what you’re doing right now.

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Tiff & Jack

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1.When a problem arises, do you
2.On your way to work in the morning
3.As you are in the midst of your workday or particular project
4.When spending time with friends
5.When you get a phone call from a stressed out family member or friend
6.Does it feel better to have *
7.When it nears the end of your work day *
8.When you want some exercise – *
9.Having dinner and talking about your day with a friend or partner – *
10.The majority of the time (with your significant other) do you prefer to – *
11.When faced with making a difficult decision… *
12.In terms of your career or life path… *
13.Generally speaking, which do you do the most? *
14.Do you need to . . . *
15.When going out for a date with your spouse/significant other, do you prefer to *