074 – Give up the shit, and rock it!

074 – Give up the shit, and rock it!

Kick these happiness killers to the curb!

We cover the 6 biggies that directly impact your happiness on a daily basis: running from problems, shame about past failures, making excuses rather than decisions, worrying about what other’s think, living in victim mentality, and complaining. 

The best part of this episode is the fact we give you SOLUTIONS! Quick, easy ways to give the big 6 the boot.

064 – Empowered, NOT a Coward

064 – Empowered, NOT a Coward

Is there a part of you that wants to be a better wife, husband, partner, parent or friend?

What about you enjoying more success and prosperity?

Would you like to stop the self-defeat?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, we have a little challenge for you that will take you closer to the outcomes you’d like.

Your Weekly Challenge:

    • Every time you think or say the word CAN’T, change it to WON’T
    • WON’T= Empowered You
    • CAN’T = Victim You

Being in victim mode sucks ass (and besides that, no one wants to be around you)!

Victim mode = You feeling stuck, shut down, and closed off to the support coming your way.

Empowered mode = You feeling strong, confident, open to receive help and the awesome opportunities right around the next corner.

This episode covers: “can’t vs won’t,” the Formula for Empowered Living, the 6 Principles for Success, and the most surprising thing about Michael Jordan that will knock your socks off.

Love and abundance,

Tiff & Jack

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063 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

063 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Becoming a man was the biggest (and hardest) decision of my life.

Being able to make decisions, make them quickly, and following through to completion, puts you on the path of success along with many other great people. 

Today it’s all about you and your decisions. Oh and we do talk about THE most important decision you will ever make.

Best of everything,

Tiff & Jack


059 – Law of Attraction in Everyday Action

059 – Law of Attraction in Everyday Action

Every day is a good day for the Law of Attraction.

Here’s the dealio, life has ups and downs. The “downs” can feel like a serious kick in the ass, and we wish the “ups” could last longer. The fact is, there’s no escaping the contrast life seems to throw our way. Instead of fighting it, lean in and use the wild magical power of your mind/ Law of Attraction, to sail through the bumps with grace and ease.

No more settling for just what you think you can get. Today let’s go all the way and together, create a new reality that totally kicks ass. 


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054 – Self-Actualization Made Easy (Episode Fueled by Absinthe)

054 – Self-Actualization Made Easy (Episode Fueled by Absinthe)

This episode is fueled by Absinthe, which means you’re in for a wild ride. Maybe there’s a reason Absinthe was illegal to consume for close to 100 years. We’ve been on a an Absinthe kick and thought it would be fun to discuss self-actualization while enjoying some drink. Nothing like the “green fairy” to liven things up.

Talk about irreverence…Tiff starts this show off with a bang by doing a tarot card reading from her favorite “rebel deck.” There’s an answer in this episode for you.  

We hope you enjoy the ride, we did! ?

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