100 – It’s Going to Be A-OK

100 – It’s Going to Be A-OK

This episode helps you not only manage all the CHANGE happening but to also to see the surprising good in it (there really is some–no matter how impossible that may seem).

Because of the the huge amounts of uncertainty we’re all facing, it’s time to bring some certainty in. We help you know what to do to bring some calm back into your day.

And if you didn’t listen to Jack’s “Sweet Relief” hypnosis, today is the day to do it (it combines deep relaxation, immune building, AND some massive positivity that sinks right into your subconscious noggin).

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059 – Law of Attraction in Everyday Action

059 – Law of Attraction in Everyday Action

Every day is a good day for the Law of Attraction.

Here’s the dealio, life has ups and downs. The “downs” can feel like a serious kick in the ass, and we wish the “ups” could last longer. The fact is, there’s no escaping the contrast life seems to throw our way. Instead of fighting it, lean in and use the wild magical power of your mind/ Law of Attraction, to sail through the bumps with grace and ease.

No more settling for just what you think you can get. Today let’s go all the way and together, create a new reality that totally kicks ass. 


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038 – Words to Live By (that make life damn good)

038 – Words to Live By (that make life damn good)

Do you ever find yourself awake in the middle of the night wondering how you’re ever going to get everything done? What about when you’re in the middle of conflict with your “one??” Life can feel relentless at times. This episode is to help you when times feel tough, and to support you when things are great.

We like to keep things relevant and real, and just over halfway through this episode you’ll be party to a shocking event that happened while we were recording. We debated whether or not to keep it but decided it would help you know that we are people just like you, dealing with unexpected things.

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035 – Fear Got You Down?

035 – Fear Got You Down?

If you’re like every other human on the planet, you may have some fear pop up about this or that. This podcast will help you learn to quickly manage your fear. It’s so much easier than you think, but first you must identify what it is you’re afraid of–once you’ve determined this, there are 4 more steps (with 1 bonus step at the tail end). 

You living your best life now starts with managing your fear. It’s the step that makes you a manifesting genius (and it’s much easier than you might guess).

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