5 Ways to Captivate Your *Man

5 Ways to Captivate Your *Man

Hey there,

It’s video day! It’s been a while but we’re back to our shenanigans.

Today’s topic: 5 Ways to Captivate Your *Man (DM)

*We used “man” as a quick and easy title, but you know the drill, we’re talking about captivating the Dominant Masculine thinking person.

If you don’t know what in Sam Hill we’re talking about, click the yellow button at the bottom and find out for yourself if you think more masculine or feminine (it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the way you think).

We get a little saucey in our video, but more that that we’re here to help you have a life and relationship you love.


The 5 things we mention in the video are simple to do, just start where you are, that’s good enough.

May this day wrap you up and kiss your face off.



P.S. Are you or any of your friends needing some loving support, we’re here to help you and those you love, to be your happiest and free-est (yes we made that word up) selves. Contact Jack at 801.243.4460 to apply for a complimentary consult, and explore coaching with us.

Rough day?

Rough day?

How are you feeling right now? Happy? Sad? Frazzled?

Is it one of those days when you feel like everything is going your way, or is it a day when you’d rather just throw in the towel and start fresh again tomorrow?

In our coaching practice we teach you how to leverage your thoughts to create a life you love.

You might be thinking that it sounds way too complicated to “leverage” your thoughts? What does it even mean??!

I’m talking about The Law of Attraction. It’s real and extremely relevant. Broken down, it means that your thoughts create your reality. If you don’t like your reality, shift your thoughts.

You say, “Nice one, Jack!! If I could just shift my thoughts I’d do it but that’s harder than it looks. No matter how hard I try, I still feel like crap.”

Here’s a quick way to shift your thoughts and energy back into a place of peace so you can be a magnet attracting what you want, rather than what you don’t want. 

Try this:

Take a minute, look around you right now, what is 1 thing (big or little) that you’re grateful for this very moment. It could be that you’re able to take a breath, or that the sun is shining, or that today you’re one day closer to being released from the hospital, or your dog or cat loves you no matter what…see what I mean…it can be anything.

Once you identify what it is that brings you a bit of comfort or peace, express gratitude for it, and then take the next little bit of time you have to do something fun, or something that makes you laugh, or brings a smile to your face.

When you’re in a state of gratitude and/or pleasure, you’re a magnet pulling in the good things you want for yourself and your life.

This moment right now, is your point of power, this is it, use it to be a tractor beam for what you want.

What you want, wants you…it’s the law. 

It works for me, it works for Tiff and it works for you too, just work it. 😉

Always yours,


May 2016 be the year of PLEASURE!

May 2016 be the year of PLEASURE!

We are saying goodbye to 2015 and moving right into a new year. First and foremost Jack and I want to thank you for being such an important part of our life.

One thing we know for sure is that you experiencing joy and pleasure is critical to your happiness and well-being.

Some may consider the word “pleasure” to be naughty or selfish. Not us!

Pleasure is something we all need on a daily basis.


1. a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

synonyms: happiness, delight, joy, gladness, glee, satisfaction, gratification, contentment, enjoyment, amusement

When was the last time you experienced pleasure? I mean really felt the overwhelming feeling of joy?

The word PLEASURE was a major tigger word for me.

I thought if I had pleasure it would make me selfish, carnal, worldly, devilish…BAD!

I had to let go of my puritanical point of view and belief system that came from my DNA and my religious/family up bringing so that I could actually enjoy my life.

In fact I remember a certain family member telling me that I need to live a certain way and that I need to be brave enough to break my own heart. To me that just felt wrong. So… I chose to fill my heart with joy!

I’ve always been known to be quite irreverent and the kind of person that follows the beat of my own drum.

I tried to be more conforming and proper but I just couldn’t do it.

I tried not to swear and express myself in a passionate way, but it just wouldn’t happen.

I tried to not laugh at inappropriate things, but laughter screams from my lips on a daily basis.

My irreverence, passionate expression and laughter are simply part of who I am and those things bring a lot of pleasure into my life. And to the lives of others for that matter.

Why are we trying to conform to what others say is proper?

Why are we worried about what others think?

Why are we avoiding pleasure?!

I was talking to my dear friend Sal and we were discussing how people live in Spain. I loved hearing that they live lives of pleasure and rest. Of course they work but it’s not their focus. They eat amazing food, drink amazing wine and connect with each other in their families and with their friends. They’re not afraid to nap or spend the day at the beach. They simply live in pleasure. It brought deep comfort to my soul as we discussed it. It felt as though God was whispering, “This is the truth of life!”

Many of you know that Jack and I have much fun and pleasure in our life because we share it often.

The amazing thing is that the more fun and pleasure we experience the more our business grows. Isn’t that amazing?

The more joy we have in our life the more prosperous we become.

We all have amazing bodies that have the ability to experience pleasure on the deepest level. So let’s experience it shall we?

Just laughter alone can change your entire life. When is the last time that you laughed? I mean a belly laugh where you couldn’t stop?

When is the last time you ate what you wanted and really enjoyed the variety of flavor?

When is the last time that you sat down with friends and connected deeply in the present moment without guilt or worry that you should be doing something else?

When was the last time you had a glass of wine that enhanced the flavor of your food?

When is the last time that you relaxed enough to have an amazing sexual experience that left you feeling restful and in a state of bliss?

When is the last time you took time out for yourself to do something that you really loved?

When is the last time you took a nap?

When is the last time you didn’t feel guilty about something?

When is the last time that you kissed your lover and talked about your secret fantasies?

When is the last time that you drove fast in your car and listened to loud music?

When is the last time you acted silly without feeling immature?

When is the last time you danced?

When is the last time you made work secondary to pleasure?

It’s time for us all to move into lives of pleasure and joy.

We’re designed to live this way.

Stress, shame, guilt, worry are all emotions that cause our bodies to break down and become sick and unhappy. Why in the hell do we think this is OK?

During the upcoming year I suggest that you start adding a little more pleasure and joy into your life experience. If you do this I will promise you’ll feel better, healthier and you’ll become more prosperous.

Please share with us some of the things that you do the bring pleasure into your life.

Here’s to a fabulous 2016!


Tiff & Jack

I don’t believe in luck…

I don’t believe in luck…

My house is silent, other than the sound of the crackling fire. Breakfast has been made, coffee has been brewed ank I’m deep in thought this snowy morn.

I’m very grateful for the life that I have. Some call me lucky…I don’t believe in luck.

I believe that we create the lives we are living.

I spent many years sick, depressed, poverty-stricken, and living in total scarcity in my mind and affairs.

Let me tell you, I understand the law of attraction on a very deep level. I was creating the life that I did not want. Once I changed my thoughts I created something different.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

As I sit with my thoughts this morning and the gratitude I feel for what I’ve created thus far, I know that there is still more to create from the desire’s of my heart.

One of the trickiest parts of creating a life that is joyful was learning that all I have to do is allow what I want into my experience. I had so many beliefs and people that told me why I couldn’t or shouldn’t have something. When I let those beliefs go, and realized that I could have anything I wanted, the Universe started pouring these gifts into my life…not because I earned it, but because I allowed it in.

The greatest gift of my life is Jack Walker. He’s the love of my life and the bliss in my heart. He’s my match.

I had to allow this relationship into my life. That meant that I had to release many thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and even some people.

I had to be very brave and truly listen to what my heart was saying.

There were days that I felt so scared I could barely breathe. But now as I look into the eyes of my beloved, I thank God every day that I was willing to allow what I truly wanted into my experience. Jack is everything that I ever wanted and more in a spouse.

We also get the rare and privileged opportunity of running a business together where we teach people how to thrive instead of just surviving the day-to-day, especially in relationship with their significant other.

We have learned much on our journey together and we love to share the magic.

I leave a blessing upon all the readers of this post.

Know that you get to create whatever you want.

Know that the only thing that gets in your way is your own limiting beliefs that tell you why you can’t or shouldn’t have your desire.

Focus on your desires, not on the things that are missing in your life.

Think about how good it would feel if you had the things that felt important to you. Focus on that and things will begin to change.

Have a blessed day dear ones.

Much love and gratitude,


Crap happens! Then what??!!

Crap happens! Then what??!!

Do you wonder if Tiff and I spend our days skipping through the daisies with the butterflies and unicorns??

Like maybe we have it so good that we never have a moment’s pause?

I’ll be as honest as I can be…the answer is, “hell no!”

We’re living life one day at a time and sometimes those days have a load of shnit to deal with.

However, we won’t be stopped and know what it takes to live BLISS even when the cookies are crumbling.

Do you ever find yourself getting to the end of day only to realize that your lips haven’t touched those of your “person” (SO aka significant other) all day long?

This must change if you want a relationship that’s filled with sizzle.

It’s time to get those priorities straight and we’re here to show you how.


When your relationship is struggling, everything in life feels harder.

We want to help you change all that.

Here’s to more joy than you ever thought possible.

To life!



P.S. Please share, and we’ll kiss your sexy feet. 😉