Crap happens! Then what??!!

Crap happens! Then what??!!

Do you wonder if Tiff and I spend our days skipping through the daisies with the butterflies and unicorns??

Like maybe we have it so good that we never have a moment’s pause?

I’ll be as honest as I can be…the answer is, “hell no!”

We’re living life one day at a time and sometimes those days have a load of shnit to deal with.

However, we won’t be stopped and know what it takes to live BLISS even when the cookies are crumbling.

Do you ever find yourself getting to the end of day only to realize that your lips haven’t touched those of your “person” (SO aka significant other) all day long?

This must change if you want a relationship that’s filled with sizzle.

It’s time to get those priorities straight and we’re here to show you how.


When your relationship is struggling, everything in life feels harder.

We want to help you change all that.

Here’s to more joy than you ever thought possible.

To life!



P.S. Please share, and we’ll kiss your sexy feet. 😉

Happy one minute and bawling the next? Yep! You’re a DF.

Happy one minute and bawling the next? Yep! You’re a DF.

I can’t help myself, there’s a DF (dominant feminine) that’s stolen my heart, hook-line-and-sinker.

Can you say “love bomb?!”

You say, “love bomb,” I say, “Tiffany!” It’s all the same.

Oh how I love the DF, let me share the ways.

Just a few words that capture the essence of the DF:





All things LOVE.








And the list goes on.

Tiff woke me up early one morning because she had come across a video that perfectly captures the essence of the DF.

Watch and enjoy!

Happy one minute and crying your eyes out the next…yep, you’re a DF, and you’re adorable.

Cherish yourself, sweet DF.

See your beauty and brightness.

And the rest of us will rejoice with you.

Love always,


P.S. Are you a DF? Tell us below, and share one thing about your DFness that you love.

Heart Closure…What’s your excuse?

Heart Closure…What’s your excuse?

How open is your heart, dear sweet DF?

Do you “Love Wide Open?”

Right now in this very moment, pause and ask yourself, “is my heart wide open, or is it closed off?”

I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re not as open as you’d like to be.

Being vulnerable and “Loving Wide Open” hasn’t always been my cup of tea either. In fact, there’ve been times in my life when I’ve prided myself on how kind I am, unless someone treats me poorly.

I’ve prided myself on being able to defend my stand and speak from a place of strength and fierceness as to not allow anyone to ever hurt me.

What I was really saying is, “You can’t hurt me because I won’t let you into my heart space.” In fact, I would close it up as tight as a drum.

Living much of my life with a closed heart, afraid of the next hurt, plum tuckered me out.

As a DF (dominant feminine) our prime directive is to love and be loved.

To not allow love, is to deny the very essence of who we are, which makes it impossible to live as our authentic selves.

There are a couple of reasons why I felt the need to live in a defensive, ready-to-fight stance.

One of which was being raised in a family of very strong women that had a belief system that people will hurt you or use you, most especially men, if you let them.

And second, being the recipient of different kinds of abuse in my life,  left me guarded and on high alert for any signs of danger.

Early on I learned to live “Heart Closed.”

When someone treated me poorly (or even showed signs that they MIGHT) I was ready to defend my point and to brush them off easily, because I never really let them in.

What I didn’t realize is that by living “Heart Closed” I was robbing myself of love connections that would feel amazing and honoring my beauty as a being of love on a deeper level.

I was also wearing myself out waiting for the next uncomfortable situation. (Can you say living a life of prevention? Ugh!!)

As long as things were on my terms I felt safe, which meant heart closure.

Now I choose to “Love WIDE Open.”

But to do that I had to get real with myself and own how I really felt about things.

It seemed nearly impossible to admit that I wanted to have deeper relationships and love people openly.

It felt scary to admit that I needed Jack’s help and guidance.

I couldn’t imagine ever allowing anyone to see me cry or have hurt feelings.

If I allowed any of that they could kick me while I was down.

The thought of not defending myself, fighting back, or stating my strong opinion made me fear that I would look and feel weak, and therefore be defenseless and open to no-less-than-profound hurts.

But much to my beautiful surprise I’ve found the most delicious peace and joy as I allow my heart to “Love Wide Open.”

I called on my courage to do something different, to feel something new, to allow myself to just be.

The greatest secret I’ve ever learned is that I have nothing to defend, and love disarms hate.

I’m a being of love and it’s as simple as that.

If someone is unkind to me, misunderstands me, or doesn’t agree with me its OKAY. That’s their story.

If I’m in an uncomfortable situation I have a voice and a choice and I can simply walk away.

Putting the fight down has been the best choice of my life.

Allowing my emotions to move through me and honoring the love that I am has empowered me and freed me in my authenticity.

Accepting that I need help and support from others has been a gift and affords me to love more.

Sharing my personality and feelings brings more laughter and connection with others into my experience, and it’s the very fuel that gives me zest and verve to live a life of happiness and anticipation!

For me it’s simple… I choose to “Love Wide Open” because, LOVE just feels so good.

What makes it easier for you to live with a heart wide open?

And on the other hand, what makes it feel like you can’t?

We are in this thing together.

Peace & Sparkles,


Messy is Sexy

Messy is Sexy

Tiff and I were coaching a client who happens to be a DF (dominant feminine) and as she was crying her tears, she said, “I feel like such a MESS.”

I had some things to share with her regarding that “mess” she was talking about.

I hear the same thing from Tiff when she isn’t feeling so happy or crying her tears over something that’s making her sad.

What “messy” looks like to me…










And oh so colorful.

In short…Tiffany.

She moves like the ocean, ever shifting and changing with the tides and swells of every emotion.

The movement of her energy through mine awakens my strength and confidence to give more.

Her brightness calls my attention and captivates me to the core.

When her tears are falling she says she feels like a mess.

I say, “What a beautiful mess.”

Messy is sexy.

Please be you.

You are my breath.

Cry those tears.

Express yourself.





And I am slayed.

Forever yours,


P.S. I’d love to know what is it about you or the way that you are, that makes you feel a bit messy? Come on, please share, you make a difference by being you…in all of your sexy messy.


My Girl And Her Sexy Pillows

My Girl And Her Sexy Pillows

Are you like Tiffany, and tuck your pillows into your suitcase when travelling, because you know you just can’t sleep as comfortably without them?

This is something I didn’t understand until Tiff and I spent our first night together, and it took 2 trips to the car to get her stuff AND her pillows.

Thus began my love affair with Tiff, and of course, her pillows (there isn’t one without the other).

These aren’t just any pillows.

These pillows have a story.

In the dark nights of depression, her pillows were there.

In the depth of pain, from a body that never quit hurting, the pillows were there.

When shock therapy left her debilitated by the pain in her head, her pillows were there.

When the cries of her newborn babes echoed down the halls, her pillows were there.

When I had to go to my own home at night, her pillows were there.

When I see Tiff sound asleep all snuggled into her pillows, I know all is right with the world.

Pillows are such a simple thing yet so important, as I’ve learned by loving Tiff and her soft, delicious, feminine ways.

I swear to you that this heart of mine was uniquely crafted to love Tiffany and her sweet pillows.

These pillows matter.

When I wasn’t… the pillows were there.

What about you, do you take your pillows on vacation? Please share.

May you find soft comfort in your life today.