071 – 4 Deadly Relationship “Sins” (Uncensored)

071 – 4 Deadly Relationship “Sins” (Uncensored)

Relationship Killers Exposed!

This episode is devoted to uncovering the top 4 relationship killers. It’s critical to know what they are and where you might be sabotaging your relationship.

Intimate relationship can be tricky business. When it’s good, it will knock your socks off with pure pleasure. When it’s bad you can feel like you’re in hell.

We recorded this late at night and it’s extra irreverent, but packed with goodies (and a few good laughs at our expense). Episode (072) will be the antidotes to these 4 relationship killers, so be sure to catch that one when it’s available.

Happy Holidays 2018!


Tiff & Jack

065 – Manipulator or Manipulated?

065 – Manipulator or Manipulated?

“If you really loved me you would … “

Being manipulated truly bites the big one. However, sometimes we’re so used to it that we don’t even really know when it’s happening, we just feel like crud.  

Another big part manipulation is that it is a 100% learned behavior. 

You were born this way.

Today’s  episode covers 10 Manipulative Tactics and how to recognize them whether you’re the victim or the perpetrator. (Sorry to say, there isn’t one of us that hasn’t tried to manipulate another person.)

We shine a bright light on all things manipulation.

Join us!

058 – Relationship Show & Tell

058 – Relationship Show & Tell

“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine….”

Did you love show-and-tell days in grade school? You’d bring one of your favorite things to school with you, all wrapped up in a bag so no one would see what it was.  When you finally got to pull it out and share it with the whole class… oh the thrill of it!

Today is “Relationship Show & Tell” day.

Our relationship is freaking awesome! People want what we have. And with all the good, comes some bad. So it goes.

We’d be leading you astray if we didn’t allow you to peek into both sides of the equation–the smiles AND the swearing. ?

Each of us came up with 7 questions to ask the other, without knowing what they were. Our answers are completely off-the-cuff and unrehearsed. The reason we did this was to give you some powerful insight into the DIFFERENCES between the masculine and the feminine.

It take a balance between the masculine and the feminine in every love relationship to enjoy hot passion and intimacy.  We know this can be a touchy subject. We are NOT putting anyone into a box, in fact we’re ripping the box to shreds so that you get a much clearer picture of what’s possible.

This episode starts out with a bang because earlier this morning before recording it, we got into a massive “retrograde” blow out (and it wasn’t pretty) and it came up as a topic of conversation LIVE on the air while recording this show. 

Being life and relationship coaches we KNOW what goes on behind closed doors (including our own) and we make it very clear to you what “typical” is so you don’t feel like you’re the only one that has some serious blowouts. And we help you get a good grip on what the masculine/feminine dance looks like.

P.S. Grab our Law of Attraction Coaching-on-the-go Audio right here. It’s free and fantastic. ?

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003 – Rules of Passion

003 – Rules of Passion

Podcast Episode 003 – (7 Easy) Rules of Passion

Passion can feel big and scary and you may wonder if you’ll ever feel it again.

Fear not, there’s hope!

In today’s podcast, Tiff and I share the 7 very easy “rules” of creating a solid passionate foundation. When we talk about this there is nothing holding us back…full disclosure, because we know that our experiences are great teaching tools for what not to do. (For instance, be sure to listen for the silverware story which happened to be our first “fight” after being newly married last week.)

Here’s a quick overview of the 7 Rules:

  1. Look & Listen
  2. Touch Me Please
  3. Do What You Love
  4. Ask
  5. Kiss Me Deep
  6. Stop the Bullshit
  7. Just Say It

You’ll want to listen to the whole show to hear each rule explained in depth. We love letting you into the inner sanctum of our lives. Sometimes life can get messy! And we’re not afraid to share.



Tiff & Jack