025 – A Day in the Life of a Psychic Medium

025 – A Day in the Life of a Psychic Medium

Tiff shares about being a psychic/medium and living deep in the world of “woo woo.” Have you ever wondered what your deceased loved ones would tell you if you could talk to them? In today’s podcast episode not only does Tiff share about being a psychic/medium, there’s also talk about past lives, the akashic record, channeling, and uncovering the magical world of the “unseen.” Oh…and Jack shares about his experiences of living with a psychic/medium. 

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“Eat dessert first, because life’s meant to be devoured!” Tiff & Jack

Awaken & Expand Your Spiritual Gifts

Awaken & Expand Your Spiritual Gifts



Part of Tiff’s mission is to assist you to live yours, which could very well include your spiritual gifts.

She has the rare ability to take the complex and make it simple and extremely understandable. This on-the-go “Share Your Magick” course is one you can access, wherever you are, even right from your smart phone.

After 40+ years of living with her spiritual gifts, and working with clients around the world, Tiff is ready to help you awaken and expand YOUR gifts.

  • This class is a live, online course
  • Tuesday evenings 7:00PM MDT
  • Each session 60-90 minutes long