025 – A Day in the Life of a Psychic Medium

025 – A Day in the Life of a Psychic Medium

Tiff shares about being a psychic/medium and living deep in the world of “woo woo.” Have you ever wondered what your deceased loved ones would tell you if you could talk to them? In today’s podcast episode not only does Tiff share about being a psychic/medium, there’s also talk about past lives, the akashic record, channeling, and uncovering the magical world of the “unseen.” Oh…and Jack shares about his experiences of living with a psychic/medium. 

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“Eat dessert first, because life’s meant to be devoured!” Tiff & Jack

008 – From Surviving to Thriving

008 – From Surviving to Thriving

Today’s episode uncovers why merely “surviving” life isn’t enough! It’s time for you THRIVE baby! Sometimes we’re more than comfortable with the life we’re living and the thought of taking a flying leap into the unknown feels way to daunting. Never you fear, Tiff & Jack are here to help you make the transition easily and as comfortably as possible. We cover 5 (actually 6) powerful things for you to remember when you’re making the transition from merely surviving to thriving. Please if you enjoyed this podcast, please share us with your friends.

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Do you wish someone could tell you your future?

Do you wish someone could tell you your future?

It’s no secret that Jack and I spend our lives teaching others how to create the life and love they desire.

As many of you also know I’m a Spiritual Healer, Psychic/Medium and Past Life Regressionist, in addition to being a teacher and coach.

I get the marvelous opportunity to help people in the spiritual realm and I love it.

Being born with my gifts I’ve had many many years to work with them and learn what cannot be taught in a class or two. It has taken time to understand enough to guide others with confidence and accuracy.

I do not take my gifts lightly!!!!!

Here’s my policy as a teacher and spiritual healer…

Many times someone will ask me what their future looks like. I can definitely see where the energy is headed in that moment, but it will change as soon as that person thinks a new thought. If there are thought patterns of negativity or fear, they may continue to create discrepancy in their life, and while I can share some things about that, I will never give solid outcomes, dates or times. It’s not helpful to the client for it conditions their mind and inhibits their confidence in creating a life that feels good to them.

There are times when I feel very strongly prompted to share what I see, and at that time and only then will I share. This is extremely rare. And I will only share a small amount of information. I can always feel what to share and how much.

So, choose wisely when selecting a “gifted one” to assist you.

If someone tells you your future LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!!!

Again…You are the creator of your life by thought. If someone predicts your future and you believe them, you will create it. And in like, if you do not believe what they say, you will not create it.

All it takes is one minor thought change and you will change your life experience from where it was headed the day or moment before.

I’m going to say it again…Stop going to people to tell you what is coming.


What was coming for you yesterday will be different than what is coming for you today.

You get to decide what your future is and when you keep your thoughts and vibration in line with that. Bam! There it is.

You are the creator of your life! Please don’t pay someone to do it for you!

With deep love,