113 – Laugh it up, Buttercup!

113 – Laugh it up, Buttercup!

Laughter is good for your HEALTH! Think we’re joking? Think again.

There may be people in your life whose laugh bugs the crap out of you so you try to keep your own laughter contained. Stop it! Embrace that belly laugh, it’s critical to your health and happiness.

Let’s talk about what happens if you DON’T laugh.

  • Stiff
  • Sick
  • Angry
  • Uptight
  • Etc

Pretty scary business huh?! Now we’re not here to scare you. Nope, we’re not. So in today’s episode we don’t talk about negatives, we cover the POSITIVE BENEFITS of you laughing your ass off. Enjoy!

May you be well.


Tiff & Jack

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073 – The Delicious List (Tiff & Jack’s Favorite Things)

073 – The Delicious List (Tiff & Jack’s Favorite Things)

Life’s Meant to be Devoured

What floats your boat? 

Maybe it’s videos of baby goats running around rambunctiously knocking over their little goat buddies, fresh picked flowers in the chubby hand of a wee one being held up for you, the way your sweet little  “fur pig” tippy taps around when you walk in the door after a long day away, laughing hysterically with a friend over something completely irreverent, looooonnnnnng hugs with someone you can’t get enough of, hearing THAT song and instantly being transported into one of the happiest moments of your life???

Let’s talk, shall we…

Join us on a light-hearted and carefree stroll through the Tiff & Jack “delicious list.”

Sending you so much love and abundance.

Tiff & Jack



Law of Attraction for Smarties

Law of Attraction for Smarties

Muscling your way through life just doesn’t seem to be working as well, does it.

You’re probably feeling very tired much of the time and you may wonder why everything feels so complicated and exhausting.

We’ve moved into a time where traditional ways of creating the life you want isn’t working.

There’s another way, a way that has more power than you might ever consider.

It’s about using your thoughts instead of muscles to create life your way.

Now more than ever before we’re starting to see that we’re getting what we think about quickly, quicker than ever before…even if it’s something that you don’t really want.

The key to manifesting what you DO want, is to think of things that feel delicious to you and let go of the thoughts that feel heavy.

It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well, it is.


People! Are you hearing me?!

Peace, love & sparkles,


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Do you know her?

Do you know her?

I’m the person that has the rare privilege of knowing Tiffany Ann Rose better than most, on this lovely planet, and what a gift she is.

I’m the person that watches her do kitchen magic as she prepares love-infused food for those with hearts that ache with loss and grief.

I’m the one that hears all about the nights she lays awake sending healing energy to those that are in pain.

I’m the one that knows her deepest fears and insecurities, and no matter how afraid she feels she still shares her message without faltering.

I’m the one that understands how much physical pain she’s endured and gets up and does whatever needs to be done anyway (without complaining, I might add).

I’m the one that knows how deeply the words spoken by her teacher, “no wonder your dad left, you’re such a bad little girl,” cut into her tender 6 year old heart.

I’m the one that understands how the standing ovation she got for a song she wrote and played for the whole school at age 10 still stands as one of the highlights of her life.

I’m the one that knows what she felt as a 14 year old being chased and beaten up by a group of girls from church.

I’m the one that understands how sweet her heart is and the vastness of her love.

I’m the one that wakes to her dulcet voice and luscious touch every morning.

I’m the one with her undying support and endless encouragement to be true to myself even if it means going from Suzi to Jack…my God, where did this woman come from??!

I’m the one totally and completely smitten and captive to her elegance and beauty, and proud to say it.

And I’m the one that wishes for you, to have all your heart yearns for, including someone one as magnificent as Tiffany.



P.S. And I know with certainty that a joy-filled life is for you too, no doubt about it.

Lighten Up!

Lighten Up!

If there’s one thing that Tiff and I know with absolute certainty, it’s the fact that when you can laugh together and not take every single thing so seriously, life gets a lot better in a hurry!

When I met Tiff my laughter quotient when up HUGE. She’s the most inappropriate laugher I’ve ever known.

Her motto is, “Why does life have to be so damn serious all the time??!!”

Laughter is good medicine.

When you can laugh at yourself and the things you do that are less than “perfect,” that’s when life gets easier.

When’s the last time you had one of those kinds of laughs that make you almost pee yourself?

Or you laugh so hard that you don’t need to go to the gym to do your ab workout?

Let it rip.

Laugh out loud.

Have some fun.

See the humor in what looks entirely messy.

Joy is for you too!

Our video today will definitely give you something to laugh about.


Here are 8 Benefits of Laughter as listed on simplemarriage.net:

  1. Reduction of stress and tension
  2. Stimulation of the immune system
  3. An increase of natural painkillers in the blood
  4. A decrease in systemic inflammation
  5. Reduction of blood pressure
  6. Lifts your spirits
  7. Brings couples closer together
  8. Can help keep the relationship fresh

Have you laughed right out loud today? Why not share what it was that made you bust a gut??

Have the best, funny day ever!