071 – 4 Deadly Relationship “Sins” (Uncensored)

071 – 4 Deadly Relationship “Sins” (Uncensored)

Relationship Killers Exposed!

This episode is devoted to uncovering the top 4 relationship killers. It’s critical to know what they are and where you might be sabotaging your relationship.

Intimate relationship can be tricky business. When it’s good, it will knock your socks off with pure pleasure. When it’s bad you can feel like you’re in hell.

We recorded this late at night and it’s extra irreverent, but packed with goodies (and a few good laughs at our expense). Episode (072) will be the antidotes to these 4 relationship killers, so be sure to catch that one when it’s available.

Happy Holidays 2018!


Tiff & Jack

014 – Tiff & Jack Getting Real About Their Relationship

014 – Tiff & Jack Getting Real About Their Relationship

Today’s podcast episode is unprecedented in that Tiff & Jack each chose 6 questions to ask each other, and the other one didn’t know what they’re going to be asked. We each gained deeper insight and realized that even after being together 10 years there’s always something new to learn. Oh and don’t miss Jack’s moment of heartbreak with one of Tiff’s answers. Epic! 

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