005 – Cheese with that Whine??

005 – Cheese with that Whine??

Today’s episode was recorded after a busy and enjoyable Sunday spent preparing food and the house to have all of our kids that live nearby over for family dinner. We were missing them as we hadn’t had a family dinner in about a month, which is a long time! Tiff said she was going to keep tonight’s dinner light and easy and made spaghetti (which still took at least 4 – 5 hours of kitchen prep time…”light and easy??”). I spent the day getting the yard ready for spring and summer. We pulled all of the yard furniture and fence art out and got everything cleaned up after a long winter. 

I (Jack)  like to say that I “worked my ass off,” which is a misnomer because I still have plenty of ass. 😉

My “working my ass off” comment takes us right into today’s show notes. “Would you like some ‘whine’ with that cheese??” 

The main reason it’s imperative for all of us to stop whining and complaining is because it keeps us stuck in victim mentality and then we have a life filled with shitty things because our thoughts are creating our reality. Yep, it’s true! 

This could give you a moment of pause, but never you fear, it’s truly the best news EVER.

You’re entire life is created by the thoughts you’re thinking!

There are 2 ways to get out of victim mentality and it’s FAST:

  1. Gratitude/Appreciation: Think of 5 things right now in this moment that you are grateful for.
  2. Change the word “can’t” to “won’t.” When you do this you  instantly own your power and take accountability for your life, exactly where it is. This is the beginning of live a consciously created life as a victor rather than a victim.

The other part of living an empowered life means that you must make decisions and choose to have the things you want.

The 2 main fears blocking many from making decisions for themselves about what they want:

  1. The fear they won’t get it.
  2. The fear they’ll disappoint others.

The question to ask yourself when you’re stuck and can’t figure out what you want: “What would I choose, if I knew that no matter what, everyone would be happy about my choice?” (Just pretend that everyone you love and everyone else too, is happy about your choice…no matter what it is.) 

Remember to stop the whine, by changing “can’t” to “won’t” and practicing gratitude. It sounds so simple because it is. When you shift your thoughts, your whole world shifts with them.

And that’s exactly what we want for you!


Tiff & Jack


  • “Law of Attraction” by Jerry & Esther Hicks
  • “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero
  • “E-Squared” by Pam Grout

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