064 – Empowered, NOT a Coward

064 – Empowered, NOT a Coward

Is there a part of you that wants to be a better wife, husband, partner, parent or friend?

What about you enjoying more success and prosperity?

Would you like to stop the self-defeat?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, we have a little challenge for you that will take you closer to the outcomes you’d like.

Your Weekly Challenge:

    • Every time you think or say the word CAN’T, change it to WON’T
    • WON’T= Empowered You
    • CAN’T = Victim You

Being in victim mode sucks ass (and besides that, no one wants to be around you)!

Victim mode = You feeling stuck, shut down, and closed off to the support coming your way.

Empowered mode = You feeling strong, confident, open to receive help and the awesome opportunities right around the next corner.

This episode covers: “can’t vs won’t,” the Formula for Empowered Living, the 6 Principles for Success, and the most surprising thing about Michael Jordan that will knock your socks off.

Love and abundance,

Tiff & Jack

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The Little Things are the Biggest Things

The Little Things are the Biggest Things

Is your life a deliberate creation? 

This year is starting out beautifully!

Right now I’m sitting in my living room listening to the conversations of our children and their friends, Jack is working on college stuff with our son and I’m observing it all quietly.

At this very moment it’s clear that this is what life is…little experiences of connection, laughter, and the realization of love through interaction.

I’m deeply grateful for all that I have and enjoy.

And more than anything I’m grateful for the knowledge that every single one of us gets to choose what kind of life we want, and the universe delivers every time.

This life I live is completely deliberate!

Today is good.

Sending you love!


P.S. Please enjoy our facebook live video, “Don’t Give Up (Part 2)”

Your Life, Your Way

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