056 – Retrograde Survival Guide (how to NOT kill your neighbor)

056 – Retrograde Survival Guide (how to NOT kill your neighbor)

You’ve got this, and we’ve got you!

Have you found yourself wanting to sucker punch that “special” someone at work?

Do you wake up in the morning wondering why it felt like Jack Nicholson was chasing you with an ax in your dreams? 

Maybe it’s just something as simple as feeling like everyone hates you.

The good news is that while Mercury is in retrograde, it does NOT have to take you down.

This podcast is your Retrograde Survival Guide, it’s short, potent, and will give you some relief during this wild ride.

We aren’t crazy enough to think that it’s possible to experience nary a flicker of frustration or overwhelm… especially during Mercury Retrograde. Instead of trying to beat it, we’re going to move WITH it, and this Survival Guide is here for you during times like these.

“That which you resist, persists,” is sage advice. We have some fantastic tricks for you to sail as smoothly as possible during this retrograde and/or any other frustrations you may be experiencing in your day.


Tiff & Jack

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049 – Self Care: The Benefits Will Surprise You

049 – Self Care: The Benefits Will Surprise You

Today’s episode is about self-care, but let’s just call it self-pleasure. We say “pleasure” because when you’re practicing self-care, it cannot be something you’re doing because it will give you a good after effect. It needs to be something that feels good WHILE you’re doing it.

We share the 6 benefits of quality daily self-care and a whole bunch of self-care/pleasure tips. We would love to see you do a minimum of 1 thing a day, but prefer you do 3 things a day, every day of the week that bring you pleasure, personally. It’s all about you today, baby!

We have a little gift for you..a great start to your own “Self-Care List,” click here to download the PDF.

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040 – Peace Not Pain

040 – Peace Not Pain

Life is filled with many experiences each day. Every experience moving us closer to peace or closer to pain. It’s inevitable that we will have a bit of both. There are a few things we can do that brings more peace into our lives. Today we share 7 different things to help increase the peace-factor in your life.  They’re simple and yet powerful. You don’t have to do every single one, just pick the one that resonates the most with you and try it. What have you got to lose? Nothing but a little pain.

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Finding Your Courage When Things Get Messy

Finding Your Courage When Things Get Messy

Finding your courage when things get messy

Yesterday Tiff wrote the most amazing post on facebook, and it sparked my message to you today.

Now, mind you, I know exactly what this ring on Tiff’s thumb has carried her through and it has included worry, pain, emotional duress, and I could go on.

I also know that as I read through this thread that you too have those days and nights…maybe you just said goodbye to your faithful furry companion that was your place of comfort during the hardest and best times in your life.

Maybe you have just broken up with what felt to be the love of your forever, and you’re questioning everything…including your self.

You could be sitting next to your child going through cancer treatment and wondering when things will get better.

You might have just lost your job, or your house, or your best friend….

These are the times that beg for solace and comfort.

Where do you find it? What helps you through?

Tiff wears her ring, and never takes it off. It reminds her that there is help and hope much bigger than what her eyes can see.

One of you wear your Dad’s wedding ring and it helps you know he’s always close by even though his physical presence is dearly missed.

One of you have a sign in your living room that says, “Every thing changes.” 

Yours could be the huge scar running down your chest reminding you that you’re a survivor of the grandest kind.

For others, it’s the happy memories they’re holding onto as they mourn the recent shocking loss of a family member, remembering that life is short and we need to “live and love every day as it could be our last.”

You might be the one with the painted rock given to you by someone making amends for all the hate they spewed on you, and this kind gesture reminds you that being true to yourself can make even your biggest haters become your biggest cheerleaders.

The tattooed initials of one’s husband on her finger, reminding her of his unwavering love of her and their boys.

One person carried an angel coin in their pocket for 40 years given to them when they were 6 and in the hospital, until they give it away to someone that they felt needed it more.

Some have a picture of Jesus on the wall with eyes that follow you wherever you go.

Some wear tattoos and keep their hair short.

There are footprints of a baby lost at 17 days old, tattooed on a mom’s neck reminding her that her son is always with her.

Bracelets carved with the words “What would love do now?” Reminding them that no matter how easy or tough the situation is, moving forward in love is the answer.

One man has a reminder tattooed on his wrist reminding him to “keep on going/fighting/persevering” in Greek and that he is UNSTOPPABLE!

Mine came from my dad, who died when I was 11. He gave me this message through Tiff, during an especially dark night of the soul as I was making huge decisions about transitioning or not, and he reminded me to “Look up and keep your eye on the horizon.”

When I look up at the horizon I get the strongest visceral feeling of hope and power and strength and that I have what it takes to live this life big and bold, and bust through the fears that threaten my journey.

Thanks dad!

So to you, and me, and everyone else that we love so much, the message for today is to “Look up, and keep those beautiful eyes of yours…on the horizon!”

Tiff and I are sending you the biggest hug of your forever.

We’ll be back!!

Your Life, Your Way

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