Our holiday wish for you…

Our holiday wish for you…

Sending our love to you during the holidays.

This morning after my early morning stint at Fedex, I had to run into Costco to pick up my “man juice,” (testosterone) to keep this magnificent transition going (if you wonder what I’m talking about please ask and I’ll be happy to share more).

It was right after 10 AM and I figured I would be able to get in and out very quick. Nope! The entire parking lot was PACKED! I drove around a minute or two and then my parking “angels” opened a perfect spot for me…thank you parking angels.

I parked the car and ran in realizing I also needed to pick up some toilet paper, texas toast bread for Christmas morning breakfast, kale salad because it’s so delicious, and 3 hot dogs (10 AM or not, hot dogs are good food). No they weren’t all for me…I thought Tiff and our son would like one too.

I got the hot dogs all doctored up, no onions for Tiff, but plenty for me of course, and then made my way out of Costco and wandered down the wrong aisle wondering where in the hell I had parked my car, and noticed I wasn’t the only one wandering around the parking area looking lost, there were a few of us…hahaha!

I finally found it, and drove home.

Upon arriving home, I sensed that something was amiss as I walked in and saw Tiff’s face. Yes indeed there was a little bump in the “family” road that needed some time and attention…conversations to be had, clarity to be shared and feelings to cherish…and yet again, peace restored.

Life in our house these days is very messy, messy, messy, cheese balls everywhere, pans of fudge waiting to be cut up and put into their own little containers, and the rest of the yummies for the Christmas goody plates waiting to be created.

Our life is filled with lots of wonderful people to see, clients to coach, birthdays to celebrate, presents to wrap, a conflict here and there to manage (you know…Mercury is indeed in retrograde), work to do, blogs to write, facebook live messages to share, and the list goes on…

We know that your life might look similar to this or it could be entirely different.

You could be alone this holiday season. You might be waiting for a diagnosis that could very well be less than desirable. You may have a child that’s ill, or a loved one taking their last breath.

Dear friend, please know that there’s so much more happening than just what you can see with your eyes.

Your angels are nearby, call to them, ask them to help you feel their presence, and you will.

The Universe has your back and is right here.

Remember that you matter.

You’re heart is magnificent.

You being you is the most important part of everything that is.

Let your beautiful light blaze bright and big.

Open that heart of yours to spill out your magnificence.

This is our prayer for you today, and tomorrow and the next day (and the next and the next and the next and to infinity and beyond).

We love you!

Jack (and Tiff…of course) XOXO

Your Life, Your Way

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