016 – Do Less, Accomplish More

016 – Do Less, Accomplish More

Today’s episode dives into the nitty gritty of how you can do less and accomplish MORE. If you’ve never heard of the Path of Least Resistance, it’s time to tune in. Most people say that you have to work hard for what you get and we beg to differ. We remind you often that the Universe has your back and we’ll show you how. To get the free PDF download click here .

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012 – Good Relationships Create Healthy Happy Lives

012 – Good Relationships Create Healthy Happy Lives

Today’s episode covers the 3 components of meaningful relationships and 4 simple steps to maintaining those relationships. Today’s episode is simple, straightforward and FUN! 

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008 – From Surviving to Thriving

008 – From Surviving to Thriving

Today’s episode uncovers why merely “surviving” life isn’t enough! It’s time for you THRIVE baby! Sometimes we’re more than comfortable with the life we’re living and the thought of taking a flying leap into the unknown feels way to daunting. Never you fear, Tiff & Jack are here to help you make the transition easily and as comfortably as possible. We cover 5 (actually 6) powerful things for you to remember when you’re making the transition from merely surviving to thriving. Please if you enjoyed this podcast, please share us with your friends.

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007 – What You Want, Wants You

007 – What You Want, Wants You

Do you believe that what you want matters, and that you can have it? Have you possibly resigned yourself to a life of taking the leftovers after everyone else is done? We’ve got great news for you today, in fact we have 9 questions for you to ask yourself, and if you can answer these questions, you’ll find yourself feeling empowered and in charge. You’ll be living “the happy,” as we love to say.

Today’s podcast we go in depth into each one of these 9 questions and help you understand them and how to find your “YES!”

  1. What kind of life do you want?
  2. Are you willing to do what it takes to have that life?
  3. Are you willing to get up every single day and take steps toward what you’re creating?
  4. Are you willing to walk through every fear that comes up that tells you why you can’t or shouldn’t have what you want?
  5. Are you willing to questions everything you think you know so that you can see more?
  6. Are you willing to do things that may disappoint other people because you’re choosing something different than their expectations of you?
  7. Are you willing to celebrate who you really are in spite of rejection?
  8. Are you willing to experience joy, laughter and fun every day?
  9. Are you willing to trust the Universe implicitly and know that it has your back and will bring everything you want into your reality if you’ll allow it?

We’re here to help you dump the overwhelm and live the happy!


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You Are the Power

You Are the Power

The power is in you to change your world.

You have the power! It is in you.

This very power is what will give you the ability to enjoy 2017 more than any other year of your life.

No matter what you’re going through or dealing with, it’s your own beautiful light, that makes it possible to find the good every where you look.

Your self-contained power affects change all around you, including people that you’re close to and even the people that rub you the wrong way.

It is the secret, the answer, the WAY.

We have the power to change our own hearts and minds, as well as the hearts and minds of others. How, you may ask??

As we change the way we see things…things change.

We have the power to affect change by seeing the good, the beautiful, and the infinite possibility within.

Love is the answer and the power and the truth.

When you notice the beauty of the trees, the warmth of the sunshine, a child’s laugh, the smile lines on someone’s eyes, a hug from a friend, the taste of your morning coffee…you are tapping into a transformational force.

This is love force and it’s in you, around you, and a part of everything you are, do and see.

Love force encourages, strengthens and supports.

It’s the only thing that’s real.

When you see a person, look for the beauty in them no matter how deep you must look…when you see it, you’re unleashing a force that assists people to rise and become more of Who They Really Are (which is perfection, by-the-way). Not only does it help them, but it helps you do the same.

How much better can it get??

So 2017 has nothing on you, it’s a new year, waiting for you to see the good in it.

Everything is going to be alright.

Take the higher ground.

Look for the best in everyone and everything…and you’ll find it.

Give the benefit of the doubt and pick the story that makes you feel the best, and that “story” will most definitely have something to do with seeing the good in yourself and others.

Stand as witness for the light in others.

You seeing the good in others makes the good in you blaze bright and bold.

And this, our friend, is the way 2017 will indeed be the best year of your life, for this is the only way it can be, because YOU are the power.

We see you!

With much love,

Tiff & Jack

Your Life, Your Way

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