Freedom, what’s it worth to you?

The condition of being free of restraints. Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression.

We all feel restrained in something don’t we?

I remember when I was a child I was constantly in trouble or crying out of the sheer frustration of not being heard. Many adults around me were telling me how I was feeling and what I should or should not be doing.

When I would say, “No!” I was in trouble. When I would say, “That’s not how I feel!” I was discounted and told I was smarting off, and sent to stand in the corner.

I had much anger building in my little body because I had things to say and do that were important to me. In fact I was so angry that I was sick most of my life because of deep internal conflict.

After almost 2 decades of being told how to live and what to feel, I finally realized…I’m the boss of myself. I am a brilliant human being that is free to choose the life I want for myself. I learned that I can trust my gut and that the God of my understanding has my back!

Here are a few of the problems that get in the way with living the life we want for ourselves:

  1. We’re worried that we’ll be judged as being selfish and uncaring.
  2. We’re trying to make everyone else (but ourselves) happy.
  3. We’re afraid that doing things the way we deem “right for us” means we’ll end up alone. (Tip: If you do what feels right for you, everything else will fall into it’s proper place much quicker and easier.)
  4. Also many of us have deep subconscious limiting beliefs that are telling us if we do or have our sacred desires we will somehow be doing something wrong. 

These things are lies!

Just a 411…the human spirit was never meant to be controlled. It is meant to FLY! You may allow others to control you but that will only last so long before your spirit will break free and scream, “I’m free at last, God Almighty I am FREE at last!”

Many believe that by nature we are selfish and will do foolish and bad things.

Might I suggest that by nature you are beautiful and perfectly wonderful only desiring to have and give joy.

You were born with gifts and talents to bless and bring joy to yourself and others.

Some of these gifts and talents of yours have been squashed by those around you that have forgotten about their own.

There is not one mold to fit everyone. You have your own Personal Unique Essence, as does everyone else too. We must throw out this idea of “molds” and devour our uniqueness!

It is as though each one us are a piece of a puzzle. Without one piece the puzzle is not complete. Each piece fits perfectly with another yet it is a different size and shape. As we connect and live as our authentic selves we all fit comfortably together. Ahhhh. Isn’t that wonderful?

What’s living the life you want worth to you?

What are you willing to give to have it?

There’s much talk right now of things feeling like they’re falling apart. Have you noticed all the changes happening in your life and those around you? Has it occurred to you that this perceived loss is only making room for the wonderful new?

Many of us are setting high intentions to live in total abundance, happiness and joy, and there definitely is a connection between things falling apart and enjoying the new. A clearing must happen so there’s room in your life for your heart’s desire. 

And please please please remember that you living unashamed about who you are and celebrating your uniqueness is the main ingredient for you to be able to enjoy all the good you’re bringing into your life. 

Side note: If you’re not being true to you and living your life your way for fear of being judged for doing it different than most everyone else, you’ll be entrapped and blocking your own authenticity and progression. It means you are being lead by fear. Fear is an illusion. Let this crap go right now!!!

You are the boss of yourself. You are not here to live the life someone else wants you to live. You are here to share your unique gifts and talents, and to have joy and abundance in all areas of life.

And always remember that in order to receive something new, you have to have empty hands to hold it.

Trust your gut, and always know that the UNIVERSE has your back. I do believe that the freedom to be our brilliant selves is the greatest blessing we can claim!

Let’s all fly!



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