027 – I Don’t Understand the Words Coming Out of Your Mouth

027 – I Don’t Understand the Words Coming Out of Your Mouth

Perception is everything. When you think you know what another person is saying, think again. Assuming makes an “ASS of U and ME.” Today we throw open the doors to the world of communication that many feel to be confusing, but we clear the confusion and help you see it for what it can be, a great way to deepen your relationships.

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002 – You’re Here to Win

002 – You’re Here to Win

What does “winning” even mean. When we say you’re here to win, we mean that you are here to experience every nuance of a joyful life. Every single bit of information you’ve gleaned from your life up to this point gives you a new level of clarity to help you choose even better what you want more or less of. Yes, some of those experiences feel extremely rough and you wonder how in the hell you’ll ever make it through.

We’re here to help you not give up on your dreams, and remind you that they’re coming.

In today’s podcast we share some very personal experiences and how they’re currently impacting our lives in the here-and-now. 

I talk about my 215 mile bicycle ride and that when I got to mile 185 I felt like it could very well be the death of me, and Tiff shares her story of living in the grip of serious depression for 8 long years and how living that extreme experience is now giving her more joy and happiness than she ever knew was possible.

This episode will give you a “fly on the wall” of our lives and get the insider view of our day-to-day lives.

Our podcast is devoted to help you dump the overwhelm and live the happy, and remind you that what you want wants you, the Universe has your back implicitly, you’re not alone, and last but definitely not least, life is meant to be delicious, so delicious that everyday can feel like a holiday.

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Jack & Tiff

You’re here to win!

You’re here to win!

Would you like to know why Jack and I love being life coaches? Because we get to teach the many aspects of living empowered lives…in some sessions we talk about money blocks, and in others we might be teaching about relationship goals or an introduction to successful parenting. You name it, we teach about it.

Between Jack and I we have 92 years of experience in the field of life.

As I think back to both of our paths and the schooling we’ve done, the jobs and hours in the workplace that we’ve pushed through, the many years of parenting, the building of relationships, and I can’t forget about all the heartache and rejection we’ve experienced, I’m amazed at how each one of those things has prepared us for what we teach others today.

The Universe knew exactly what it was doing to prepare us for our chosen mission in life.

When a client comes into our practice, oftentimes these topics come up for a discussion and needed guidance. It is amazing to be able to draw on our experiences in life to assist others to create theirs.

Knowledge is power.

When you understand how things work you gain a level of clarity that helps you choose more of what you want.

I started out as a singer/songwriter, recording artist, professional actress. Then I moved in to the recreational therapy world teaching the elderly how to have joy in their last years. Then I got married and had my children and spent eight years in bed with severe clinical depression. Once I was able to get my butt out of bed I then started schooling in the area of vocal training. I started my own vocal training business teaching group singing classes and then I moved into a performing arts academy as a voice teacher. After that, I taught parenting for DCFS of Utah and I was a Targeted Case Manager for Davis Behavioral Health and Allies with Families. There I worked with and advocated for families that had children with mental illness. I then went to the Institute of Children’s Literature to learn how to write children’s books. All the while hiding from the gifts that I had since I was born…that of being a psychic medium, and spiritual healer. Did I mention I was an amazing cook and baker? Lots of life was happening for me.

Jack started out learning a very strong work ethic by living and working his ass off on a 2000 acre ranch, and learning to master the ski slopes of Grand Targhee. He was an excellent student which led him to studying psychology at Brigham Young University. During college he got married and moved to Alaska for a time and lived in a tent and worked in a fish cannery because adventure is the way Jack does things. He worked in corporate America, began having and raising children, all while supporting his spouse in dental school, after dental school he helped build a successful dental practice while homeschooling his children and traveling the world. He was also spent many hours volunteering for different organizations. He led an service expedition in Guatemala and is extremely well read and versed in classical literature. Also he can sew, play the harp and piano, not to mention his amazing skills in dramatics. Oh did I mention he transitioned from the female gender to the male gender??!

We had both served in our church and were extremely religious people. In fact we were missionary companions for the Mormon church’s addiction recovery program shortly after we met.

The two of us coming together brought all of our experience and gleaned wisdom under one roof. We then created something pretty spectacular… A life, a family and a business.

If you look back on your life you will see that you’ve been prepared in many different ways for doing what you’re doing right now. And what you’re doing right now will prepare you for the future and what you will be doing there.

Many people learning to work with the Law of Attraction become extremely impatient, and what they don’t realize is…they are gathering experience, and gleaned wisdom from that experience, so that they can actually receive what they are manifesting. On occasion things take longer to manifest than we might hope for. Timing is everything and the universe knows the perfect time for manifestation. Once you understand this it’s a little bit easier to be tenacious and to keep moving forward.

Don’t give up on your dreams just because they’re not here yet.

They’re moving toward you now. Before you know it you’ll be living right in the middle of them and accompanying you will be a whole lot of wisdom from the process of getting there.

Here’s to life baby!


Tiff & Jack

P.S. Here’s a video to make your life easier as a parent…enjoy!


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I was running for my life.

I was running for my life.

I had a dream.

I’m a dreamer…always have been.

You may think I’m talking about being a “dreamer” in the sense that I think big and have high intentions set for myself, and that nothing seems impossible if I want it bad enough–you’d be right, however in this case, I’m talking of the dreaming that happened last night as I was sleeping.

Normally when my head hits the pillow I’m out like a light, and though I’m not sure if it’s a direct correlation or not, I have vivid dreams that feel like I’m really awake having an experience in another place and time (I’m still not convinced that I’m not a time traveler).

A few nights ago, I found myself being hunted in my dream. The kind of being hunted that you know you’re dead if you’re seen by the hunter.

I was in danger. I was doing everything in my power to not stand out, I needed to be completely invisible, to blend in, become bland, no color, no light, no brightness.

If I stood out I would be dead.

I woke up exhausted. Running, hiding and trying to make myself invisible nearly killed me.

I know that you’ve probably already analyzed and interpreted my dream.

I have.

It had everything to do with being seen, being REALLY SEEN. The kind of “seen” where everyone knows where you stand and what you think.

The put it all out there, no holding back…kind of SEEN.

Here I am! Jack, formerly known as Susan, born in a girl’s body but now a couple weeks post-op with only “pecs” and no more boobs, waiting for the world to bow to the man before them. 😉
happy boy

This picture was taken 1 week post op at my doctor’s office. It was the first time in a week since my surgery that I could see the scars and get an idea of what my chest would now look like.

I was elated and felt like I might pass out all at the same time. It was surreal.

Tiffany standing faithfully by my side with a look of utter joy on her face reassured me that indeed I was wide awake and not dreaming.

I looked in the mirror and did a double-take, I saw ME, just me.

It was celebration time and so we decided we would go out for a delicious bowl of gazpacho soup and a slice of pie (oh how I love pie, not as much as I love Tiff, but it’s pretty big love).

As we headed into the restaurant, the first thing that met our ears, “Welcome ladies . . .” and the feeling of overwhelm settled in like an anchor around my neck, pulling me to the depths of an ocean grave.

The lump in both of our throats so huge that swallowing around it was near impossible.

Not only was it once that I was misgendered in 5 minutes, but 3 times. Ugh!

I’d like to say that I brushed it off and didn’t think about it again.

I did wait until I got home and then the upset exploded from me.

Invisible…am I? Will I EVER be seen for who I am?

I felt like shit. Tried taking a nap to sleep it off, didn’t help.

Talked it through with Tiff and felt a little better but still not the greatest.

Went to bed that night, and then the “being hunted” dream happened.

I got up, shared my dream with Tiff, and then went outside to meditate and sort this out.

What did I discover?

As I was in meditation I was reminded that I am the captain of my ship. I’m the one forging the path of my journey. I get to be ME and it’s up to me, and to let the world know who that is.

The movie, “Finding Joe,” popped into my mind and I realized once again that I’m the only one that can choose whether or not to be seen for who I am.

(If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it today because you too have your own journey of self discovery, and this movie will inspire you on your path! Click here to watch.)

Take risks. Follow your heart in spite of the logical storm screaming at you, “Blend in, don’t make waves, be invisible.”

I choose to play big…live out loud.

I’m giving this life all I’ve got.

No holding back.

I’m ALL IN baby!

I plan on getting to the end of my long wonder-filled life, used up, worn out, and a big ole silly grin wiped across my face.

And don’t you forget…I always get what I want! 😉