I’m having one of those unexpected sacred moments, and would love to share it with you.

Today I’m doing a bunch of spring cleaning in our home. I love the feeling of newness it brings. The old dust from the winter being cleared out and smell of baby blossoms wafting through the open windows.

Spring cleaning also gives me time to ponder about life and love.

To me, love is the driving force of my existence.

I thrive on thinking about all the ways I can love.

I love to give hugs and kisses, make delicious food, decorate our home, have parties, and teach others how to live a life of joy in their romantic partnerships. When I’m not doing all those things, I’m usually watching Little House on the Prairie or Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman while I fold laundry.

Okay, now back to my spring cleaning story.

As I was dusting the coffee table, I noticed Jack’s trail running shoes sitting underneath. As I picked them up to put them back in the closet, I was overcome with my sacred moment.

It was a surreal moment when I realized what the shoes represent.

I bought these shoes for Jack on Valentine’s Day because one of her favorite things to do is go up to the mountain trails to connect with God and to run.

I am deeply grateful for those mountain trail times of Jack’s.

When she goes to the mountain, she comes back centered in her strength and filled with clarity, purpose and passion. This sustains me in a huge way. I guess you could say it makes me feel very safe, and I love to feel safe.

The shoes also represent all that we have walked through to be together.

We had to buy very heavy duty shoes so they could withstand the heat of the fires we have walked through.

Living in the masculine and feminine dynamic is no easy feat unless you understand the brilliance and beauty of each dominant energy and how they work together.

I had the hardest time understanding the masculine. I felt masculine energy was cold and insensitive. Boy was I mistaken. Once I understood that masculine energy is driven by purpose, and that my energy, which is feminine, is driven by love, it was much easier to see how they could come together to create wholeness and deep intimacy.

When you have the strength of purpose and flow of love in your relationship dynamic, you will find a balance within partnership that can become a passion-filled, delicious experience.

Being a dominant feminine energy all I ever wanted was to find someone that I was madly in love with, that was captivated by my beauty and gifts of love.

Well, I got all of that with Jack . . . and more.

Because Jack is driven by her purpose it gives me the ability to relax in my “love creation” energy.

Jack is out slaying the dragon while I am creating beautiful things in my love space.

What do you create in your love space?

When Jack is done slaying for the day, she comes home with her dragon offering to my space of love and the gifts I give, and there we relish in each other.

There is nothing more that I could want, day after day, and year after year.

I love this life experience so much that part of the gift of love that I offer to the world, is to teach other feminine energies how to experience joy as they live in the feminine and masculine dynamic.

If you ask me life just doesn’t get better than that.

Funny… All these thoughts from my sacred moment with Jack’s shoes. 🙂

We would love to hear what you are creating in your love space today? Please share.

Peace & Sparkles,