Balance is a state of mind!

Life is continually changing. Unexpected surprises are always popping up. So how are we supposed to find balance in this ever-changing life experience when it can oftentimes feel like we’re in a blender on puree?

Balance has been quite an elusive goal we’ve chased for many years, and we finally have this beast figured out.

The huge A-HA is that balance is a STATE OF MIND!

Today’s podcast covers the 5 Ways to Achieve Balance:

  1. Center yourself every day. (If you don’t know what we mean, be sure to listen because we go in depth about how to “center yourself” and it’s different for the feminine vs the masculine.)
  2. Be clear on your personal boundaries and priorities.
  3. Remember you’re here to live by your own rules, not anybody else’s.
  4. Change is a fact of life, embrace it.
  5. Live an authentic life. (This is an ever-evolving state, no perfection required.)

Here’s to a balanced state of Mind!




Tiff & Jack