Yes I use the word counterfeit because I just read an article that said my wife and I have a counterfeit family. Well that is what a certain organization says anyway.

Definition: coun·ter·feit
made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.

I read this last night and I’ve been in deep thought about it with several different emotions. My first emotion was shock and then I had a lot of ugly emotions pop up that I refuse to dance with. That being said, I have an opportunity to speak up and call this NOT TRUE!

Suzi and I have a very “Real” family and life. We have six successful children and in-laws, and our first grand-baby on the way. We run a thriving coaching business and we pay our taxes. We spend our lives sharing a message of hope, healing, love and abundance. Our intention is to love our fellow people and accept others differences even if those differences are something we choose not to live in. There really is no room for judgment as we are all living from what we believe and understand because of our personal life experience. This is the process of life and it is beautiful.

When a human being falls in love with another human being and they choose to build a life and family unit together, I call that love. I respect that there are those that would not choose to live the life that I live and I honor that. But calling my family counterfeit comes from nothing but pure ignorance and illusion.

The one thing I know for sure is that love is the only thing on this planet that is “Real.” I feel God in every movement of love.
My heart feels saddened because many family members that I love are part of this organization, and I can only imagine the distress they may feel hearing this comment and trying to reconcile their love for my soon-to-be legal spouse, myself, our children, and grandchildren. What deep conflict must be happening through many, many, many people.

There will come a day when there’s only peace and love on this planet, and there will come a day when there will be no more pitting families against each other. And what a grand and glorious day that will be.