No one on this earth knows Jack better than Tiffany, and of course where there’s Jack, there’s always Tiff. Tiff & Jack were married (after being together almost 10 years) on February 24, 2017. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. 


Tiffany’s Vows to Jack:

Jack, we can do anything if we do it together.

That has been our relationship mantra from the beginning. As I think about that, it leaves me in a place of reflection over the last 10 years.

The first three years we spent as inseparable friends, trying not to be in love because we thought that being together was wrong and impossible. And after we got over that…

We became a committed couple, facing a most uncertain life together. 

In order to be “us” we had to be willing to release and challenge everything we had ever believed.

We had to be willing to let go of every person we have ever loved. This was the most unknown and scary place, wasn’t it?

We did it all in the public eye and in the midst of it, there was quite a bit of family rejection and a couple of people that were trying to destroy everything we were trying to create.

We made the decision to keep moving forward, without fighting, and without being hateful. We did it, and we overcame the ugliness and lies that were coming at us.

There was some loss of things and loved ones, but in measurement, the joy of being together made the losses easier.

And the most important people to us are standing right here.

We had complete and pure faith in God that everything would somehow bring us into a place of happiness and thriving.

And today, here we are. We did it!

For me, this day is a victory. A day that was so many years in the making.

I cannot believe we have made it, and at the same time, I knew we would. I could feel it.

I trusted God implicitly, no matter what anyone else said, or how we were treated. And I trusted you without a doubt, to walk with me into this very moment.

Over the last 10 years we have built an amazing life.

We have a beautiful family of six children, their significant others and our grand baby.

We have built a thriving business where we are truly living our mission to assist others to create the life and love that they want.

We know how to do this because we live it every single day.

But most importantly, we have created a love and life together that is the most powerful thing I have witnessed.

You are the love of my forever. You are truly the greatest gift of my life.

I have never been treated so kindly or cherished so deeply.

There are really no words to describe the friendship, love and passion that we live every day.

You are my person. You are my match. You are my other half.

And the amazing thing is, life with you just keeps getting better, and I don’t even know how that is possible.

I love everything about you.

I love your intelligence, your confidence, your wit, and your amazing tenacity and your damn stubbornness.

You are rugged and refined. You are gentle and raw.

You cry at the thought of love and roar in the protection of me and our children.

You are the bravest human I have ever known.

There will be books written about you and when you are gone from this earth. Many will know the name of Jack Walker who used to be called “Susan”.

You are the most amazing well-rounded man I have ever known!

I love running our business together, and I am deeply grateful that you manage so many of the details of our life and company so that I can live easier.

No one knows me or understands the depth of who I am like you do. That all by itself is the most amazing gift.

You help me manage everything so I can continue to use my gifts and do the work that I am here to do. You literally keep me sane, babe.

You are my greatest support and protector. When you walk into a room, there is nothing on this planet that ignites my passion and zest for life like your presence. You seriously slay me.

My vows to you were established years ago.

That being said I will continue to do what I have already vowed.

I give my love and life to you in every way.

I will always be faithful to you as your wife, lover, and friend.

I will continue to be the mother of our children, and love them unconditionally no matter what path they choose.

I will continue to provide a loving home place for you, and our children and grandchildren, until I take my last breath.

No matter what the future brings us, I will stand by you, and love you unconditionally.

And I promise that I will continue to live as my authentic self, never holding anything back. So that I can be the very best that I am, for you.

And when I am out of alignment, I promise that I will always do my inner work to keep myself in a high vibration. So that we can continue to create the life that we are fearlessly working toward.

And more than anything else, I promise to love you with all that I am, forever.

I love you Jack Walker. You are my home. And it is pure pleasure, and an honor, to be your wife, and take your name.