What kind of love and romance are you looking for?

Are you looking for love that gives you superficial comfort (keeping everything on the surface to simply keep-the-peace), or are you willing to know the scars as well as the triumphs of the person that wraps you in their arms, and to share your own?

Do you believe that romance is temporary and the mundane is reality, or do you believe that romance and passion are the truth and the mundane is nothing more than a mere distraction?

Enjoying intimacy and romance with your “other” is not only possible but very likely, when you willingly open your heart to be loved.

Now, having said that, we understand that you’ve endured abuses of many kinds, and experienced much sorrow and sadness in your life, we also know that when you find yourself in a relationship with the person you choose to be with, you’ll have to open your heart to that person again-and-again-and-again.

Your open heart is the doorway to experiencing the exultantcy of romantic love.

Remember, the way to the love and romance you desire is found as you move through the dark times and willingly open your heart again to the possibilities.

The possibilities for your happiness and joy are as infinite as your willing to be vulnerable.

Are you willing?

We believe in your passionate romance, and know it’s absolutely yours to have.

Here’s to your life of love and romance.


Tiff & Jack

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