I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to force things to go a certain way in my life, how about you??

This has caused much anger and resentment on my part.

Now I choose to live in the flow, trusting that the Universe is my perfect life manager.

Have you noticed when you have a problem, everyone has a solution and an opinion?

There are voices coming at you from every angle, “Do this! Do that!”

Then of course, there’s the monkey chatter in your head telling you to do all kinds of things that feel hard and grueling so you can get what you want. Eeeeek!

We all feel called to live a life of happiness and joy, yet so many can’t seem to find it.

We all have desires of what we want life to look like, yet many feel they can’t have it.

Why is that?

The answer is simple. You aren’t allowing it to be.

When you set an intention to have certain experiences in life, the things of now must fall away in order for you to receive what you’re calling in.

This isn’t talked about very often because it feels scary to openly accept that things must change. So, either you can accept this truth, or simply live as a victim while life happens “to” you.

Understanding the clearing process is a critical part of attracting what you want.

For instance, you want more money to come into your life, then you lose your job.

You may feel completely duped until you see that because you lost your job, you had to relocate. You found a friend in your new area that was looking to hire a person with your skills. You were hired and within a short period of time you were in the job and money of your dreams. Thank you Universe!

Maybe you’ve set the intention to have a loving and beautiful marriage because you aren’t happy with how your marriage is, then you find yourself divorced. How could this happen? Soon you find the love of your life and all of a sudden you’re living smack dab in the center of what you wanted. Thank you Universe!

These miracles can only happen when certain things are cleared out.

We run into problems when we have a death grip on the now.


When we become resistant to change, we block the flow of our intention. When things look like they’re falling apart, people tend to panic and jump back into force trying to save what’s meant to dissolve… thus keeping themselves stuck in what they don’t want. And even in this, the Universe says, “YES!”

In order to receive what you intend, you must let go of the process of how it comes through, for that job is being done for you by Source.

This is called “living in the flow.” (No drowning involved!)

It’s in uncertainty that all possibilities exist.

Once you embrace this, you will live a joyful and abundant life no matter what things look like.

Here’s a very important truth we teach all of our clients…

When life feels to be falling apart, remember that a clearing is happening in order for things to fall perfectly into place.

The Universe always says YES!

Now take a load off and enjoy your perfectly designed day!



P.S. Here’s a quick grab guide to help you find your center when your world feels upside down (and it only takes 30 seconds to do), click the pink panner for immediate access.