We’re back! And we have our fun and raucous music intro today (that should tell you something). As Tiff and I were having our morning talkabout, we were thinking of you and knowing it was time to get a new episode out since the last one was HEAVY.

I grabbed the microphone and hit record. It’s been a tumultuous 2 months here in the Walker house! And things are getting better.

The discussion today walks you through the things that made the biggest difference and literally helped us rise out of our ashes, and even see and feel the GOOD in it.

It’s our highest intention that as you listen you will hear exactly what you need today to lift you up and breathe hope and light into your soul.

Much much love,

Tiff & Jack

Resource List:

  1. Dr. Jennifer Austin Leigh – https://benzowithdrawalhelp.com
  2. “Every Little Cell” Song by Allison Davies – https://youtu.be/IE6jnezy1MU