Is there a part of you that wants to be a better wife, husband, partner, parent or friend?

What about you enjoying more success and prosperity?

Would you like to stop the self-defeat?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, we have a little challenge for you that will take you closer to the outcomes you’d like.

Your Weekly Challenge:

    • Every time you think or say the word CAN’T, change it to WON’T
    • WON’T= Empowered You
    • CAN’T = Victim You

Being in victim mode sucks ass (and besides that, no one wants to be around you)!

Victim mode = You feeling stuck, shut down, and closed off to the support coming your way.

Empowered mode = You feeling strong, confident, open to receive help and the awesome opportunities right around the next corner.

This episode covers: “can’t vs won’t,” the Formula for Empowered Living, the 6 Principles for Success, and the most surprising thing about Michael Jordan that will knock your socks off.

Love and abundance,

Tiff & Jack

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