Today’s message is a message of truth.

Life is meant to be easy.

There’s no need to work yourself to death to have the “easy” life, in fact it’s a fallacy…a big, fat, ugly lie.

The extra great news is that it’s not even up to you to figure out HOW to make it easy. It naturally wants to be that way.

If you’re feeling resistance to this thought, your stomach’s in a knot, or you feel angry at me for saying this, then you know you’re believing something that’s making your life harder.

Our thoughts form our reality.

Thoughts are things.

The easiest and fastest path to feeling better is to remember that there is a Law working in your behalf and it’s the Law of Attraction, which says, “Like attracts like.”

Happy gets more happy and mad gets more mad.

So what to do when you’re having a stupid day and everything seems to be against you?

Pause and reflect upon what’s happening in that very moment, and if it’s something you don’t want, make a choice that you want something else.

Example: You’re in a fight with your significant other–stop and notice how you’re feeling and what’s happening–then say out loud to yourself, what you DO want.

Let me break it down in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Notice what’s going on and what you don’t want.

Step 2: Then speak out loud what you DO want: “I want to have relief from my angry feelings. I want a peaceful resolution.”

Step 3: LET GO of trying to figure out HOW to have what you do want and ALLOW the Universe to bring it in for you, by trusting that It will.

esther hicks boat

Visualization Exercise to help you ALLOW the Universe to help:

  1. See yourself in a boat on a swift stream, and notice you’re paddling with all your might to get upstream because you think that what you want is up there.
  2. You decide you want it to be easier so you stop rowing, in fact you pull those oars into the boat and allow the power of the stream to turn you around and move you downstream.
  3. As you look around, you realize that what you wanted is right where you are. The stream carried you to the very place you wanted to be, fighting the current wasn’t even necessary.
  4. Practice this any time you feel like you’re fighting against life and you’ll find instant relief.
  5. If it feels to scary to try this with the big things, try it with the little things and you’ll start building your “trust” muscles and life will get easier and easier…of course, if that’s what you truly want.

May you feel a deep sense of relief this day and every day knowing that you’re not alone and the Universe has your back!

To joy!