Are you like Tiffany, and tuck your pillows into your suitcase when travelling, because you know you just can’t sleep as comfortably without them?

This is something I didn’t understand until Tiff and I spent our first night together, and it took 2 trips to the car to get her stuff AND her pillows.

Thus began my love affair with Tiff, and of course, her pillows (there isn’t one without the other).

These aren’t just any pillows.

These pillows have a story.

In the dark nights of depression, her pillows were there.

In the depth of pain, from a body that never quit hurting, the pillows were there.

When shock therapy left her debilitated by the pain in her head, her pillows were there.

When the cries of her newborn babes echoed down the halls, her pillows were there.

When I had to go to my own home at night, her pillows were there.

When I see Tiff sound asleep all snuggled into her pillows, I know all is right with the world.

Pillows are such a simple thing yet so important, as I’ve learned by loving Tiff and her soft, delicious, feminine ways.

I swear to you that this heart of mine was uniquely crafted to love Tiffany and her sweet pillows.

These pillows matter.

When I wasn’t… the pillows were there.

What about you, do you take your pillows on vacation? Please share.

May you find soft comfort in your life today.