Relationshift Bliss e-Course

A brand new approach to creating a relationship you LOVE.

It’s time for your passion and intimacy in your relationship with your SO (significant other) to transform into exactly what you hoped it could be.

And we’re here to show you how…

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling exhausted because your relationship feels like it’s in the toilet?

Does your heart skip a beat at the thought that there might be answers and support to your most frustrating issues with your SO (significant other)?

Do you want to jump for joy when you lose yourself in the possibilities of feeling appreciated by your SO?

Then you may be a perfect candidate for our RELATIONSHIFT BLISS eCOURSE.

As you may or may not know we are the relationship evangelists and we won’t stop preaching about relationship bliss until every person on the planet has a relationship they LOVE!

We want you to find your voice and be heard and cherished in your relationship…TODAY!

You’re NOT alone!

We’re personally inviting you to spend the next 6 weeks with us and turn your not-so-hot relationship into the burning passion it’s meant to be. After all, why else would you have been attracted to one another back at the beginning?

We know what it’s like . . .

We get how scary it is to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

“What if they get pissed and yell at me?”

“Or what if I share my heart, only to have it stepped on again?”

Almost a decade ago we met in a 12-step meeting and neither of us could deny our attraction to one another. We were coming from relationships that didn’t work for us, but we didn’t know what else to do.

Like you, we had the dream of having a relationship that felt alive and filled with passion. We didn’t have any idea we would find that in the package we did. We came together into our relationship without knowing how it would all work out, just that we wanted it more than anything else.

Sound familiar?

Well, some conflict arose and chaos ensued.

We wanted joy-filled happy days but most often ended up spending most of it trying to get to resolution. We were often frustrated (to say the least).

We wanted to find ourselves on the same page rather than on opposite ends of the stick.

Guess what! We figured it out.

We’ve spent years doing our own belief work and clearing those nasty blocks and limiting beliefs.

We got clearer and clearer about ourselves and our own genius and how to bring 2 different people together into a place of “oneness.”

Our relationship began to make more and more sense. As we’ve coached clients and worked through our own shit over the past 9 years we’ve learned the critical piece to relationship bliss, and we’re here to lovingly hand that piece right into your precious palm.

We’re thrilled to spend our days coaching couples and individuals who are ready to live a life and relationship of purpose and passion.

We’ve taught many others how to live a life and relationship filled with passion and intimacy and know with every molecule of our being that if you want this bad enough, you can have it too.

Our relationship dreams came true, now

We’ve made our relationship dreams come true, now it’s YOUR turn.


Before we lay out the program, you must know how it came about.

When someone sees us on facebook and the happy life we live, they want to know more, so they come in and sit their cute little hiney’s on the red couch or via Skype, and that’s all it takes, they’re ready to get the ball rolling and coach with us.

They want a relationship like ours.

We share the cost of our private coaching program and then when they don’t jump right out of their seat and say “Yes, let’s get started,” there’s a pause and then the sadness moves across their face as they wonder, “How will I ever pay for this?” “I want it so badly, but it just isn’t possible with my finances right now.”

Here’s the thing…

We want what we have, for you too.

After thinking long and hard about this, it became very clear that there’s a HUGE need for help with relationships.

Relationships are falling apart faster than they come together.

It’s an epidemic.

We sat down and evaluated the most powerful parts of our coaching program and realized we humanly cannot coach every single person we want to because there’s just not enough of us to personally go around.

We’re serious about transforming relationships on this planet and knew we had to find a way that would extend our reach and also make it cost-effective so every single person that wants a happy relationship can have one.


6 weeks – online – fully downloadable – brought right to your fingertips

RelationShift (1)

The program focuses on these core elements:

  1. How to live and LOVE your own personal dominant energy
  2. Simple conflict resolution with your significant other (SO)
  3. Breaking through personal barriers of what you believe is possible
  4. Clearing those pesky blocks and limiting beliefs
  5. Breakthrough hotseats with coach Tiff (AKA “the digger”) assisting you to uncover your stuck places
  6. Utilizing The Law of Attraction in your life and relationship… everyday

While this is an online e-course, it will have the feel of a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-let’s-get-down-to-the-nitty-gritty relationship coaching program.

The entire focus will be upon you and yours.

Our role is to teach and guide you to overcome your own personal blocks and give you the techniques and tips to help you live the passion every day.

Breakthroughs will occur during the ask-us-anything Q&A and Hotseat Coaching sessions held every 2 weeks.

The program is radical, real, and right to the point.

*Please note that you enrolling into this program means that you and your partner agree to protect the privacy of the other participants, and to not copy or share the course materials with anyone other than your significant other.

IMPORTANT: You must prepare for this course by getting very clear on exactly what you want to achieve, and how you would like your relationship to look. (Don’t worry we will have an exercise for you to clarify and identify these things.)

This is for people who want a radical shift in relationship, and what YOU need to do to move ahead.


  • Clarity on your own personal “stuck” places and how they are affecting your relationship.
  • The trust & confidence to live your own personal dominant energy.
  • A day-to-day plan of exactly what to do to achieve the results you want.
  • Freedom from fear, and the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck.
  • Belief in yourself and who you are.
  • Resources, tools, and strategies to move your relationship ahead every day.

who this is for

The RELATIONSHIFT BLISS eCOURSE is for you if you’re ready to transform your relationship today and you meet the following criteria:

  • You’re in a relationship or single, a woman or man, gay or straight…or otherwise 😉
  • You’re 100% committed to do whatever-it-takes to shift your relationship into a new place.
  • You’re willing to see that you must work on you in order to see your relationship shift.
  • You’re willing to put yourself “out there” and be vulnerable.
  • You’ll do the work recommended to you (even if it seems “airy-fairy”).
  • You’ll commit to spending 15 – 20 mins a day meditating and visualizing.
  • You’ll commit to paying attention to your triggers and taking the steps (that we will teach you) necessary to clear your limiting beliefs.


This is not for people that think the world’ problems (or your relationship problems) are because of the other person and not you. This is not for people who want to be spoon fed and not willing to do the work necessary to have a new relationship.

This is also not for you if . . .

  • You are thin-skinned and get defensive about candid feedback or adult language.
  • You aren’t willing to be attentive or supportive of your partner.
  • You aren’t willing to release old hurts and forgive past wounds.
  • You have a tendency to always be negative, dramatic and blame outside circumstances for your own results (or lack thereof).
  • You’re unable and unwilling to put 15-20 minutes a day into meditation/visualization.
  • You’re not willing to change your mind, or see someone else’s point of view.
  • No matter what, you always have to be right.


The RELATIONSHIFT BLISS eCOURSE starts the minute you’ve submitted your payment and registered with our online program host (Ruzuku). Make sure to check your email. Module #1 will be loaded and waiting for you.

You’ll receive one module each week for the entire 6 week course.

You will be notified each week in your inbox as to when the next module is available.

Oh, but don’t stop reading yet because there’s more (haha sounds like an infomercial doesn’t it)…

In addition to the 24/7 downloadable access, you’ll also get these additional bonuses to ensure you have everything you’ll need to experience massive results and continued growth in your relationship every single day:

  • Personal access to Tiff & Jack every month for Q&A Hot Seat Coaching. If you can’t attend this session it will be recorded and available in the archives for your listening pleasure and support.
  • 24/7 access to BAGWORK (our proprietary process to quickly and easily clear the blocks that come up for you during the course and after) with training on how to use it.
  • Practical and daily application of practicing the Law of Attraction for yourself and your relationship.
  • 24/7 access to each and every one of our audio RelationTip classes.
  • Continued access to this program after completion, along with access to the Q&A calls and recordings

You and your SO will both have access to this program with 1 purchase so you can work through it together. It takes 2 to tango, baby.

We’re here to help you experience firsthand a relationsRISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEEhip you LOVE.

That’s why we  invite you to participate fully in the first RELATIONSHIP BLISS eCOURSE Module #1 and if you aren’t wildly and madly in love with it, you’ll have exactly 1 week, midnight standard time to get your refund.

If you don’t feel we have delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ll ask for your work (to make sure you gave it an honest effort) and ask what didn’t work for you (to help us learn and improve). The deadline exists because if you did sign up for this course, we want you to get started right away. If you’re not starting right away please make sure this investment is right for you as the refund has a firm deadline.

We’re only here to serve the customers that are a good match for us. We firmly stand behind the value of this program and our reputation as leaders in the relationship arena.


It’s really easy to get started.

To do this please CLICK on the button below that says, YES I’M READY.

Once you do that you’ll find yourself on the page where you’ll enter your payment info.

Once you’ve submitted your information and paid your money, go to your email, where you will find a link to get yourself registered with our online program hosting company called Ruzuku.

Once you’ve registered you’ll have immediate access (in your Ruzuku account) to Module #1.

To get to Ruzuku keep an eye on your inbox for the email with the link to access it.

What the day-to-day will look like once you’re enrolled.

After you’ve enrolled, and registered with Ruzuku (add it to your bookmarks for easy access), you’ll receive a new module each week magically delivered to your inbox.

Do your best to complete the daily and weekly assignments, listen to the audios, and watch the videos, before module 2 arrives. You’ll be given clear instructions along with accountability markers, to track your progress.

We understand that life can throw you a wrench now and then and if for some reason you can’t get it done in the week time frame, don’t worry precious one, you’ll have online access to this program for as long as we offer it.  You are also welcome to download any and all of the program to your computer for your own personal use.

(Should we pull this program off of the market once you’ve completed it, you’ll be notified ahead of time so that you can download all of the training materials to your computer before it’s removed.)

Today is the day to take action.

If you don’t take action and enroll today you’ll find your relationship exactly where it’s been, 6 months from now.

Don’t let that happen. Today’s the day. What’ve you got to lose?

We have the solution.

You can do this.

We’re going to help you every single step of the way.


Claim your spot in the RELATIONSHIFT BLISS eCOURSE for one payment of *497 (or 3 equal payments of $169).

This price includes access to this course for you and your significant other.

Please note that if choose to pay in installments, your first payment will be due today, and your second payment will be automatically charged to your credit card 30 days later. Please plan accordingly.

Are you ready for a big happy shift in your relationship??

Then press the button!!  Just do it. 🙂

You won’t regret it.


What if my significant other (SO) isn’t interested?

Your partner does need to be “willing” to do this with you, and if that is the case, then this program is a great idea for you. If not, it’s time to seriously reconsider staying in this relationship. It takes 2 people 100% committed to the relationship to make it work. This is a baseline requirement for this program: Both of you must be willing to do the work and be 100% committed to your relationship during the duration of the program.

What if I'm not in a relationship right now? Will this still work for me?

This program will serve you wherever you are. Having the understanding of how to express from your own personal dominant energy will open the doors for you to attract the opposite energy person, which will be in your favor. You will have the tools necessary to walk into the relationship way ahead and ready for bliss.

I don’t know if I will be able to follow through.

Follow through is a major deterrent for many people. If you want it bad enough, you will be able to do it. Follow through is up to you and we will be there to deliver on our promises and you will need to be there to deliver on yours.

It works better for me to coach in person, how do I know this online program will work for me?

Coaching in person seriously rocks! However, the fact that you will have access to the videos, and workbooks any time you need a little reminder is amazing. If you were coaching in person you wouldn’t have the same access to us. This is something you can go through and then start again when the 6 weeks have ended.

I’ve never seen a life coach before, will this work for me?

Life coaching is awesome and even if you haven’t experienced it won’t hold you back in any way, in fact you will be approaching this program with fresh eyes and no preconceived ideas, giving you a jump start.

We’ve already been to counseling and that didn’t help, how will this be different?

We are NOT counselors, we are coaches. Coaching and counseling are 2 entirely different things. Counseling gives you a place to bring your crap up to the surface but then you’re left with wondering what to do with it. In our coaching we actually assist you to pull it up and then BAG IT and get rid of it on the spot.

Though we’ve already coached with you privately, would there be any benefit to doing the online program?

Coaching in person is the cream of the crop, and the online program is the sugar on top. You will have 24/7 access to all of the modules once the course is complete, as you well know, working on your relationship is a day-to-day commitment. The online program will assist you with daily application and ongoing reminders of how to move through your stuck places back to happiness and great sex.

We are on the verge of splitting up, is it too late for us?

If you’re ready to split, this program could very well be the thing that saves your relationship. If both of you will commit 100% to the relationship for the duration of the program, the odds are in your favor that your relationship will thrive.

It’s still more money than we have available.

Your relationship doesn’t have a price. You could lose $250 in a blink of an eye when gambling in Vegas. Your relationship is only as good as you believe it can be. If you are serious about wanting this program, there is a way and the money will find it’s way to you, ask the Universe/Source to help you. The Law of Attraction works!

We have the same fight over and over, how can this program help that?

Having the same fight over and over sucks big time and we’ve been there, believe you – us! Each person in the relationship must learn how to live from their dominant energy (using the tools and teachings in this program), which naturally creates the sexual duality/polarity and ignites the passion. Our specialty is helping you do that, and the same fight you’ve always had will fade to a distant memory.

Nothing has worked for us in the past, how can this be different?

Until you try this, you won’t know. We are confident that if you will give this it a 100%, you will most certainly shift your relationship and gain ultimate clarity and insight as to Who You Really Are and relationship bliss (if you both choose it).

What exactly is a coaching hotseat?

A coaching hotseat is where you will take part on the Q&A call and present the challenges you most want help with.

We’ll give feedback, ideas, and clarity to help you move ahead. Tiff’s spiritual gifts and intuitive ability to read energy will be exclusively focused on you and helping you identify the blocks or patterns keeping you stuck, so you can clear them.

Who else will be in the RelationShift Bliss program?

Pro-active, generous, kind, results focused, funny, cool, awesome, willing to do whatever it takes, courageous, believe in the world of “woo woo” (spirituality), trustworthy, honest and real.

People who are serious about having a relationship that works and works well.

People that love Apple products and watch Desperate Housewives on occasion.

And most importantly, people just like you.

Are all people welcome . . . men, women, gay, straight, or otherwise?

Yes! This program is all-inclusive. If you meet the above recommendations, this is for you.

I have just one more question that’s not here...

Write [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

All the years of therapists, psychologists, and tests that I have endured without results and BAM Tiff & Jack nail it in 6 months. That’s amazing in my book. I have a desire to live and explore life. My relationship is much better and we are building our lives and future together, whereas before coaching we didn’t think past the day-to-day grind, and we were barely surviving.

Brianne Wallace

N. Salt Lake, UT

My partner I had been together almost 8 when we sought coaching with Tiff & Jack rather than traditional therapy. We were struggling with money, communication, intimacy and a serious lack in our spiritual connection. Our commitment to each other outweighed throwing in the towel, so we took a ride, a journey if you will, and this decision changed everything. Now we will be celebrating our 10th year as a couple, and WE (yes “we”), stand united in our commitment to one another. We celebrate each other and give many thanks for the abundance of blessings pouring into our lives! Thank you Tiff & Jack.

Kelly Hewitt ~ Sandy, UT

Corporate Customer Support, Jet Blue

Tiff & Jack are two of the most authentic people I know. As a result of my coaching with them, I now understand more of who I am and what I want from my life and relationships. There’s no stopping me now. Thank you Tiff & Jack!

Andrea Dobkin ~ Salt Lake City, UT

Account Director, Helix Education

Before coaching there was constant fighting in my relationship and it was getting worse day-by-day. Tiff & Jack knew how to get us to look within ourselves to help find resolution. Our love for each other is really starting to shine again and it feels great! I see my own goodness and know I deserve happiness too. I navigate my life with confidence and have tools to make empowering decisions. There’s no judgment from Tiff or Jack, and they understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there. They love what they do and genuinely want to see their clients succeed. I absolutely recommend their coaching to everyone looking for more happiness in their relationship and life.

Tricia Champion (DM) ~ Salt Lake City, UT

My self-worth, purpose and confidence shine. I really didn’t know if I would be able to open myself up enough to benefit from coaching with Tiff and Jack but with their help, that was a no-brainer. I now see clearly what I bring to a relationship and what I want and need from a relationship. I live a more carefree and authentic life. Understanding the masculine-feminine energy connection has been instrumental in discovering what has been missing from my previous relationships.  I have now attracted an amazing feminine energy into my life which seems to match my masculine energy perfectly. Thank you Tiff & Jack!

Cindy Wilcox ~ West Jordan, UT

Highschool Educator, Business and Technology

I didn’t know if coaching with Tiff & Jack would really work for us, I thought I had to handle everything on my own. Before coaching, my relationship was on shaky ground, but today each of us are in this for the long haul. I am happier. We communicate better. We each own up to our own shit, and sex is getting better. If everyone would open their hearts to it, you could help the world. I hope they never stop doing what they’re doing, it’s perfect and making this world a better place to be.

Alex Knapton ~ Sandy, UT

Pet Trainer

Working with Tiff & Jack has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’ve found myself again. They helped me to plug back into my own inspiration and guidance. Their teachings on the masculine and feminine energies are ground-breaking. My relationship life is improving and rearranging itself to be much more of what I’ve been searching for. I’m grateful for the passion and courage Tiff & Jack have about their work, and about relationships in particular. I’ve always known that amazing, lasting, passionate relationships could be the best part of life. Tiff & Jack teach us how to make that dream a reality.

Apryl Jensen (DF) ~ Draper, UT

Sculptor - Artist, Entrepreneur, MAKINGFAIRIES.COM

Tiff and Jack, thank you! I see the world in a different light and it’s amazing. I have more hope and less anxiety. I know that no matter what things will be alright. I have less judgment and more love for others. Bagwork works and changes my world for the better every time I use it. I’m excited to raise my daughters from an empowered place and watch them move through their amazing lives.

Becky Sharp (DF) ~ Farr West, UT

Mother of 4 Girls

Tiff and Jack are amazing! They have a deep thought-provoking spiritual process that removes blocks that people have had for a lifetime! I felt much more free after working with them and they helped me remove the stumbling blocks I’ve had for years. They are passionate, devoted, and totally powerful.

Heather Madder ~ Scottsdale, AZ

Soul Success Coach,

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.