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Eliminate the fears.

Overcome any roadblock no matter your past.

Unleash your super-powers.

Take your life off of auto-pilot and grab ahold of the controls.

Live your full potential for success.

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(We see clients in person in our office in Salt Lake City, UT or virtually via Skype or Messenger.)

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If you’re a detail person that wants more information about the type of coaching we do…

We are certified Neuro Linqguistic Practitioners. Hypnotherpists, TIME Technique Practitioners, and CORE Success Coaches.


a. TIME Techniques™: The techniques are a process of active imagination where the client imagines floating above his/her timeline and letting go of their negative emotions and or limiting decisions (or limiting beliefs). Then the client is also asked to imagine creating events in their future that support their goals or outcomes. TIME Techniques™ have demonstrated results in a broad variety of presenting problems. It is a powerful technique which allows clients to make long-lasting changes in a very rapid way. Your practitioner is certified as a TIME Techniques™ Practitioner by the International Board of Clinical Practitioners.

b. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): NLP is a model of communication —  how we communicate to self and others —  and how that communication creates and affects our behavior. As a study, it is a synthesis of cognitive and behavioral philosophies which focus on the information coming in through the neurology (cognitive) and the programs we run inside our heads to produce the behaviors (behavioral) we do. Your practitioner is certified as an NLP Practitioner by the International Board of Clinical Practitioners.

c. Hypnosis: This is the use of trance to make changes at the unconscious level. Hypnosis has been used to produce unconscious change with clients since 1843. All of our practitioners are trained and certified as Hypnotherapists by the International Board of Clinical Practitioners. Since Hypnosis may be used during your session, for your safety you should make sure that you are totally wide awake before driving or doing any other activity that may require concentration. Your practitioner is certified as a Hypnotherapist by the International Board of Clinical Practitioners.

6. Confidentiality: We keep all information we receive from you, confidential, and do not disclose it to persons outside our company. All client information is kept strictly confidential and is for our internal use only. (Importantly, we are required in some states to share information about child abuse with state bodies who oversee such matters.)

7. Your Guarantee: All work that we do is guaranteed. That means that you will receive the support and follow-up to ensure that you get the results you wanted. We guarantee our work because our experience has shown us that our clients always get results. The guarantee works like this: You must finish the program. That means, attend every session. You must go through the entire process of therapy all the way to the end.

You must do the tasking after the session, and you need to do it fully and completely.

Having done this and allowed some time (say up to 2 weeks) for the process to integrate then we agree to work with you until your problem is gone at no charge beyond the initial session.

If we have quoted you a certain length of session after the Detailed Personal History was completed, then we will work with you at no charge until you get the results you want.

8. Your Choice, Your Responsibility: While, during the session, we will offer you advice and other ways of looking at your problem and its solutions for your consideration, you hereby agree that whatever we discuss is only our perspective and is not binding upon you, nor is it a prescription. If you want to discuss our suggestions with someone else, you should discuss them with a licensed health care provider. It is your responsibility to confirm whether or not any changes we made produced the desired results. It is your responsibility to communicate your results to us. Our liability is limited to the amount paid for the therapy.