Does it make you crazy when you’re going along, enjoying your life, and all-of-the-sudden the proverbial rug is ripped right out from under you?

Do you wish things could just stay the same for a minute or two?

You’re not alone in this wish.

This happens often in relationship where you don’t even realize you’ve just done or said something that creates an adverse response in your beloved, and WHAM, conflict erupts.

It also happens at work, with our health and in a million other ways.

Comfort flies out the window and you find yourself feeling like you’re getting close to seeing rock bottom. This is the point at which you have a choice to shut down OR open up and embrace the possibilities.

Limitless possibilities live in the unknown.

I repeat, limitless possibilities live in the unknown.

Even though the unknown is scary and uncertain, it’s an amazing gift.

Change allows us to release the OLD so that we can embrace the NEW.

Trying to hang onto the old keeps us stuck and floundering.

Embracing the new gives us opportunities that move us forward into what can bring us even more happiness than we knew before.

Our spirit thrives in change as it understands the vastness of dwelling in limitless possibilities.

We’re beautiful expressions of the Divine.

Our ego wants us to play it safe, stay hidden, and resist change at all costs.

Our ego wants things to stay the same, to somehow protect us from rejection or failure. The messages it sends are based in illusion.

There’s no truth in rejection or failure. There’s only fear that we’re not wanted or that we’re not enough.

In truth we’re lovable and desirable and created perfectly whole as an individualized expression of the Divine.

As we clear the fears of change, and release the illusionary beliefs of rejection and failure, we’ll embrace change and seize the opportunity to create lives and relationships of unlimited happiness and abundance.

It’s time to break that glass ceiling. Are you ready?

This week, Jack and I want you to remember that as things are changing in your life, and you find yourself in the unknown, remember you’re being given an opportunity to create a new experience for yourself.

What do you want? Think about that. Then, choose to have it, knowing that what you want, wants you.

Next, stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, with your hands up in the air, held wide open, and repeat aloud, “I receive! I receive! I receive! Thank you God, and so it is!”

Let go of the HOW and WHEN, and ALLOW the Universe to bring it in baby.

Here’s to the NEW my darlings! Cheers!!

Love always,


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