138 – Master Your Mindset

138 – Master Your Mindset


We’re sure you know that there’s a positive side AND a negative side, to every story.

​​The best part is that YOU get to choose which side you see.

It is all about perception.

And perception = mindset.

Would it feel exciting to you to be able to master your mindset, and live life on YOUR terms?

It sure as heck does to us!

In fact, it’s because of our mindset that Tiff and I have been able to build a coaching and healing business ​with Empath clients in the United States, all over Canada, Europe, and Australia!​​​

Your mindset is the key to your happiness and success in life.

Your mindset is THE doorway to YOU having, being, or doing, whatever you choose.

In this episode we ​​keep it real and share our personal insights and real-life examples of how our mindset has given us a life of deep passion, financial success, and a way to live our mission helping Empaths thrive.

PLUS you get 5 actionable tips to strengthen your mindset, now!


Tiff & Jack


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137 – Boundary Setting that Sticks

137 – Boundary Setting that Sticks

Boundary setting as an Empath is critical to your happiness, and setting boundaries that STICK is even better!

You feel deeply, and it’s easy for you to put yourself on the back burner and allow people to walk over you because of the fact that you don’t want to upset them.

And so this show is for YOU today, because you choose to live an empowered life.

We help you figure out if you’re doing a good job with setting boundaries (or not) . . . and then we jump in and give you boundary setting baby steps to make the process so much easier. 

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.

Remember that everything you want is outside of your comfort zone, and setting boundaries is your fastest path to empowerment.

And if you’re an Empath that’s ready to leverage your sensitivity and turn it into more power, peace, and prosperity, through TRUE self-awareness, then it’s time to set up a “connect call” with Jack so we can talk about how YOU can do this by coaching with us! Click here >>> https://tiffandjack.com/contact/

You’ve got this! 

Tiff & Jack

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136 – Grief and the Empath

136 – Grief and the Empath

Grief is felt even deeper as an Empath. 

Losing a loved one or a cherished pet to death, creates deep grief. 

Death isn’t the only form of loss that creates grief, there are other things that happen in life that spark grief too. 

In this episode, not only do we discuss the 5 stages of grief but we also talk about 5 different TYPES of grief, and give you simple-but-powerful ways to work through it with grace and self-love.

If you’re feeling grief today, please accept the kindness and support coming your way, from us.

With love,

Tiff & Jack

117 – Tiff & Jack’s Top 10 Takeaways from 2020

117 – Tiff & Jack’s Top 10 Takeaways from 2020

2020 was a BIG year for all of us, and hard as hell to be honest. It was a serious challenge, and we were surprised at the HUGE good that came out of it for us.

The other morning while laying in bed we were talking about our 2020 takeaways, and we had a wild hair and decided to record the episode there-and-then…right from bed!

The funniest thing about this is that partway through I inadvertantly leaned on the remote and started the bed vibrating…. hahahaha it was hilarious!

And then when editing the episode at the very end there was a part where Tiff and I sounded so incredibly relaxed that you might think we were drifting off.

Will we record from bed again? No, I really don’t think so. But it was an adventure, that’s for sure.

Here’s to 2021!! And all the good coming for all of us.


Tiff & Jack

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087 –  Are the FEELS getting you down?

087 – Are the FEELS getting you down?

Does “feeling-your-feelings” make you wanna run away? Well, you aren’t alone. Mercury Retrograde is happening and the feelings coming up aren’t pretty. Tiff and I’ve managed to keep our heads above water, and haven’t had a knock-down-drag-out. Thank you to the Gods above!

We recorded this episode to buoy you up and remind you it’s ok to feel your feels. Even if they’re negative and feel damn heavy. We have super good news for you today (and everyone LOVES good news) about feeling your FEELS!


Tiff & Jack


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085 – Accept Yourself and Become Who YOU Want to Be

085 – Accept Yourself and Become Who YOU Want to Be

If you can accept yourself, how you are at this very moment (I mean accept yourself completely), real change can happen. If not, you’re in resistance, and the very thing you want, will allude you.

Tiffany Walker

This episode is about you being more authentic with yourself, and the first step to doing that is to accept your current reality (which can be difficult to do, so that’s why we’ve recorded this podcast… to help you do just that).

And the really good news is that, accepting something does NOT mean you have to love it. ?