Having a hard time sleeping.

Thinking deeply about all that is going on in our part of the world . . . the fires, the Delta variant, hospitals at max capacity, a shortage of workers in many industries, and so on.

As I think of all the people being affected by these situations I feel deeply the fear and anger rising.

Fear and anger won’t ever be long term solutions, but they do wake people up to a bigger decision to create change. They springboard us to new ideas that help, and more thoughtful decisions for the whole, instead of just the self.

We are in this together.

We are family.

We are all connected to each other at all times.

There is no changing that.

Dear earth family, it is time we learn the lessons we are being called to learn.

It’s time to love not just ourselves, but everyone.

We must ask ourselves, “What can I do to help my neighbor? What gift can I offer my friends? What can I do in my community and in the world to help Bring health and comfort?”

If we will ask ourself these questions and follow our true heart, we will eradicate the traumas around us.

We are a team and must work together for the good of the whole.

Please act now.

Mama Tiff

121 – Tiff Tells ALL 😲

121 – Tiff Tells ALL 😲

Yep it’s true… last episode #120 was all about Jack, today Tiff talks truth!

If you’ve ever wondered what day-to-day life would look like as a psychic/medium, worldwide healer, teacher and coach… what someone like this does in a day?

You’ll be surprised when you find out she’s human like the rest of us, with her own struggles and fears to manage.

Jack interviews Tiff, asking her the most personal questions. Oh, and if by chance you’ve been wondering what recipe books are her faves, that’s in this episode too!

May you be well!


Tiff & Jack

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F*** It Day!

F*** It Day!

Have you had this day yet??

F*** IT DAY!

This morning I feel called to write. I’m sitting on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket trying to overcome this nasty head cold that has me down for the count. Even still… I feel called to write.

I humbly ask God to impress upon my mind what needs to be read.

What keeps coming to me is my absolute knowing that life is meant to be a joy-filled experience. And I know the only way this can happen is if we remember who we really are and live from that place.

For the first years of our lives we are being conditioned by the people that love us and by the institutions we associate with. We are being told continually who we are, and how we need to be. So… we then began to live from other’s expectations.

Between the ages of 30 and 40, many of us feel fatigued, sick and unhappy. This is when we begin to ask the real questions.

We ask ourselves, “What is going on and why hasn’t life turned out the way I thought it would?” ” Who am I really?” “What is my purpose on this planet ?” “Do I even have a purpose?” ” What do I want out of life?” “There has to be more to life than this, right?” “God are you really there?”

These are the very questions that awaken you to the spiritual journey of coming to the center of your own soul and remembering who you really are!

Some people call this a midlife crisis, I call this a “Walk with God”. Now “God” is quite a relative term so I’ll just share what God is to me …God is the ever-present Power of joy and love on this planet.

When you wake up from the conditioned sleep of other’s expectations, you begin to have strong desires to experience new things that you haven’t allowed yourself before.

In your youth there was a time when you would rebel against your parents, but the rebellion I’m talking about is when you decide to rebel against your self imposed set of rules and regulations. This is where you throw caution to the wind, and say “Fuck It! I’m done trying to be perfect!”

I call this your “Fuck It” day!

This is a very important day.

This is the day when you begin to create consciously.

This is the day when you begin to allow yourself to have experiences so you can decide what feels the best for you.

This is the day when God whispers into your soul that there’s much more to life than living according to other’s expectations.

This is the day you wake up to your unrestrained REAL self.

This journey will take some time but little by little, experience by experience, you begin to understand that you too are here to live a joyous life by just being you.

You begin to see that what you’ve been missing all this time was your magnificent self.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are those that choose to stay asleep all of their life out of resistance to what is possible, but more and more I’m seeing people wake up to the possibility of joy.

And I do believe if you’re reading this, you’re one of those people.

Once you live from your real self, you notice that all the things you truly wanted in life will easily flow to you.

Wakey wakey my friends, life is about the journey not the destination. Buckle up because life just gets better and better.

Always yours,

Coach Tiff

Balance is a state of mind…

Balance is a state of mind…

Balance is a state of mind.

Life is continually changing. Unexpected Surprises are always popping up. So how are we supposed to find balance in this ever-changing life experience?

There’s quite a lot of talk about finding balance in life. LOL. Well…BALANCE has been quite an elusive goal I’ve chased for many years, and finally have this beast figured out.

What I’ve come to realize is that achieving balance is a state of mind.

The simple truth is… when you don’t make time for yourself to do and be what feels joyful to you, you will feel off kilter, no balance whatsoever.

As the DF (*Dominant Feminine feeler), wife, mother, and business owner, I have a lot going on around me, in fact there’s never a dull moment.

If I’m not watchful, I could easily get distracted by other’s stories, wants and expectations of me.

I’m not a big fan of living for other people. I make choices based on what feels the best to me, not what feels the best to others.

Some may call me selfish, I call myself a conscious creator. I do not live out of duty, and refuse to be controlled by guilt or any other illusionary tactic.

I know that, as a conscious creator, in order to feel balance, I must design my life in a way that supports my desires.

There are very specific things that I do every day to keep myself enlivened and connected to life.

First and foremost I make sure that my connection with Source is solid–every single day I take time to clear my energy so that I can feel that oneness I have with the God of my understanding. (I pray, meditate, set my intentions, and read books that keep my brain strong in the abundance of life.) Once I’ve done this I’m ready to start the day in an empowered way.

I also take care of me by eating right, exercising, and taking time to look and smell delicious! I love to be captivating.

I then remind myself of my boundaries and priorities. Remembering what I will and will not do each day. This is very important to my sense of balance.

My  priority after centering myself, is Jack. Oh just the thought of him fuels me with passion and fire. And as a love centered DF, my relationship with sexy Jack is an important part of my happiness and peace. He’s my teammate, lover, most cherished friend, and co-creator. Keeping this relationship healthy is critical to success and balance in my life.

My next priority is my children. As a mother of six children there’s always a lot to think about with our kids. And now we’ve moved into the realm of grandbabies. This brings much joy into my life and it is extremely important for me to stay connected to all of my babies including my in-laws.

Jack and I have designed our home to be a place that is all inclusive. Where only love is allowed. We absolutely do not allow chaos, bickering, fighting, or back biting into our space. We celebrate each one of our children in their differences and that is just how it is. This takes much of my time because that’s how I choose it to be.

My next priority is our business. This is where I get to live my mission and make a difference in the world. This gives me a feeling of fulfillment and joy as offer my gift of love to the world.

After all this,  I have free time to enjoy other things. And I choose those things very consciously.


  1. Center yourself every day.
  2. Make sure you’re clear on your boundaries and priorities (your boundaries and priorities are going to be different than anyone else’s).
  3. Remember that you aren’t here to live by someone else’s rules. You are here to create your own experience. (In essence it doesn’t matter what other people think so let it go.)
  4. Also remember that as you evolve, so do your priorities and boundaries. Everything is always moving and changing so don’t be alarmed when the things you desired change as well. That is the beauty of life.
  5. And last but not least live as authentic as you can. When you allow yourself to be seen in the truth of who you are, it gives courage and empowers others to do the same.

Now the question to ask yourself is, “What can I do to become the conscious creator of my own life? What is it that I really want?” Then, do that and you’ll find more balance than you can imagine.



P.S. Where do you feel like you get most out of balance in your life?

Do you wish someone could tell you your future?

Do you wish someone could tell you your future?

It’s no secret that Jack and I spend our lives teaching others how to create the life and love they desire.

As many of you also know I’m a Spiritual Healer, Psychic/Medium and Past Life Regressionist, in addition to being a teacher and coach.

I get the marvelous opportunity to help people in the spiritual realm and I love it.

Being born with my gifts I’ve had many many years to work with them and learn what cannot be taught in a class or two. It has taken time to understand enough to guide others with confidence and accuracy.

I do not take my gifts lightly!!!!!

Here’s my policy as a teacher and spiritual healer…

Many times someone will ask me what their future looks like. I can definitely see where the energy is headed in that moment, but it will change as soon as that person thinks a new thought. If there are thought patterns of negativity or fear, they may continue to create discrepancy in their life, and while I can share some things about that, I will never give solid outcomes, dates or times. It’s not helpful to the client for it conditions their mind and inhibits their confidence in creating a life that feels good to them.

There are times when I feel very strongly prompted to share what I see, and at that time and only then will I share. This is extremely rare. And I will only share a small amount of information. I can always feel what to share and how much.

So, choose wisely when selecting a “gifted one” to assist you.

If someone tells you your future LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!!!

Again…You are the creator of your life by thought. If someone predicts your future and you believe them, you will create it. And in like, if you do not believe what they say, you will not create it.

All it takes is one minor thought change and you will change your life experience from where it was headed the day or moment before.

I’m going to say it again…Stop going to people to tell you what is coming.


What was coming for you yesterday will be different than what is coming for you today.

You get to decide what your future is and when you keep your thoughts and vibration in line with that. Bam! There it is.

You are the creator of your life! Please don’t pay someone to do it for you!

With deep love,