Life Lessons of a Wise & Wild Woman

Life Lessons of a Wise & Wild Woman

As I Tiffany, look back on my life, I’m amazed at the lessons I’ve learned. I have much gratitude for this journey I’ve been on.

As a teenager I believed many negative things about myself and my world, much to my surprise that is exactly what I experienced. In fact, all of my greatest fears became my reality.

I didn’t understand back then how my thoughts we creating my harsh reality through The Law of Attraction.

I learned, believe me, I learned.

As a young married woman I learned that no matter how hard I tried, the only person I could change was myself. My failed 21 year marriage was not a mistake, it was simply a period of time where I got to figure out what I’m really made of.

I learned that I’m not a victim and that I get to create my reality by understanding no matter how hard things have been, it does NOT have to continue on.

If life is going to constantly change why not choose to have more of what you want right? Right!

I also learned that the kind of person you attract when you’re 20 is not the kind of person you’ll attract when you’re 40.

I’m grateful for the 21 years I spent married to my ex-husband because it gave me clarity of much of what I did’t want in my life so I can create what I do want.

Most of my life I suffered severe clinical depression and many health problems. I was in bed for a decade and spent 25 years on heavy doses of medications to manage my emotions and health issues.

I didn’t realize that I could manage my emotions and heal my body by taking a look at my thoughts. When you’re thinking negative thoughts your whole damn life you’re going to have plenty of negative emotions and pain in your bod. All the negative things I was thinking were keeping me in bed sick!

Once I changed my mind I changed my life.

It feels great to be off all the pills and living my mission in joy-filled days, let me tell you!!!

As a mother of 6 brilliant kids, and the cutest grand baby you’ve ever seen, I’ve learned much about surrender and trust in the Universe/God.

I’ve received many miracles in my life and observed them in the lives of our children, over-and-over. I could never deny the power of the Universe in my life and I’m so glad to know that I can count on it in every step I take.

I also know that no matter what we as parents say, our children will choose for themselves the things that feel most resonant to them…even if it looks like it could be the worst possible choice they could make.

It’s our job as parents to love our children no matter what they choose, and to remember that the Universe is also working in their behalf so we can remind them to create and trust.

It’s our job to live empowered lives.

When I speak of living an empowered life I’m talking about making clear decisions for what we want to create in our OWN experience and committing to those decisions, while setting clear boundaries of what we will and will not do for others.

If we will do this, we’ll experience much personal joy, and our children will learn by watching. Our powerful example will empower them to do the same.

Now at the age of 44 I’m living the life I’ve always wanted and it keeps getting better-and-better.

The greatest part of where I am today is that I’m with the love of my life and the match of my heart. The learning and growth that I’ve experienced in this relationship surpasses all of my learning combined. This partnership I’m in is truly The Key to creating the abundant life I now live.

I know that if I have the ability to find my ONE, everyone can!

Jack and I have the amazing opportunity to work with people all over the globe to teach them how to create the life they desire and how to have Relationship Bliss.

We love what we do.

After all I’ve shared I can say the biggest and most powerful lesson I’ve learned is that YOU get to have the life and relationship YOU want if you will choose to have it and allow it in.

That to me is the most exciting news ever!

What life will you choose to live? Do you believe that you can have the desires of your heart? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to allow it in?

Peace & Sparkles


May 2016 be the year of PLEASURE!

May 2016 be the year of PLEASURE!

We are saying goodbye to 2015 and moving right into a new year. First and foremost Jack and I want to thank you for being such an important part of our life.

One thing we know for sure is that you experiencing joy and pleasure is critical to your happiness and well-being.

Some may consider the word “pleasure” to be naughty or selfish. Not us!

Pleasure is something we all need on a daily basis.


1. a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

synonyms: happiness, delight, joy, gladness, glee, satisfaction, gratification, contentment, enjoyment, amusement

When was the last time you experienced pleasure? I mean really felt the overwhelming feeling of joy?

The word PLEASURE was a major tigger word for me.

I thought if I had pleasure it would make me selfish, carnal, worldly, devilish…BAD!

I had to let go of my puritanical point of view and belief system that came from my DNA and my religious/family up bringing so that I could actually enjoy my life.

In fact I remember a certain family member telling me that I need to live a certain way and that I need to be brave enough to break my own heart. To me that just felt wrong. So… I chose to fill my heart with joy!

I’ve always been known to be quite irreverent and the kind of person that follows the beat of my own drum.

I tried to be more conforming and proper but I just couldn’t do it.

I tried not to swear and express myself in a passionate way, but it just wouldn’t happen.

I tried to not laugh at inappropriate things, but laughter screams from my lips on a daily basis.

My irreverence, passionate expression and laughter are simply part of who I am and those things bring a lot of pleasure into my life. And to the lives of others for that matter.

Why are we trying to conform to what others say is proper?

Why are we worried about what others think?

Why are we avoiding pleasure?!

I was talking to my dear friend Sal and we were discussing how people live in Spain. I loved hearing that they live lives of pleasure and rest. Of course they work but it’s not their focus. They eat amazing food, drink amazing wine and connect with each other in their families and with their friends. They’re not afraid to nap or spend the day at the beach. They simply live in pleasure. It brought deep comfort to my soul as we discussed it. It felt as though God was whispering, “This is the truth of life!”

Many of you know that Jack and I have much fun and pleasure in our life because we share it often.

The amazing thing is that the more fun and pleasure we experience the more our business grows. Isn’t that amazing?

The more joy we have in our life the more prosperous we become.

We all have amazing bodies that have the ability to experience pleasure on the deepest level. So let’s experience it shall we?

Just laughter alone can change your entire life. When is the last time that you laughed? I mean a belly laugh where you couldn’t stop?

When is the last time you ate what you wanted and really enjoyed the variety of flavor?

When is the last time that you sat down with friends and connected deeply in the present moment without guilt or worry that you should be doing something else?

When was the last time you had a glass of wine that enhanced the flavor of your food?

When is the last time that you relaxed enough to have an amazing sexual experience that left you feeling restful and in a state of bliss?

When is the last time you took time out for yourself to do something that you really loved?

When is the last time you took a nap?

When is the last time you didn’t feel guilty about something?

When is the last time that you kissed your lover and talked about your secret fantasies?

When is the last time that you drove fast in your car and listened to loud music?

When is the last time you acted silly without feeling immature?

When is the last time you danced?

When is the last time you made work secondary to pleasure?

It’s time for us all to move into lives of pleasure and joy.

We’re designed to live this way.

Stress, shame, guilt, worry are all emotions that cause our bodies to break down and become sick and unhappy. Why in the hell do we think this is OK?

During the upcoming year I suggest that you start adding a little more pleasure and joy into your life experience. If you do this I will promise you’ll feel better, healthier and you’ll become more prosperous.

Please share with us some of the things that you do the bring pleasure into your life.

Here’s to a fabulous 2016!


Tiff & Jack

I don’t believe in luck…

I don’t believe in luck…

My house is silent, other than the sound of the crackling fire. Breakfast has been made, coffee has been brewed ank I’m deep in thought this snowy morn.

I’m very grateful for the life that I have. Some call me lucky…I don’t believe in luck.

I believe that we create the lives we are living.

I spent many years sick, depressed, poverty-stricken, and living in total scarcity in my mind and affairs.

Let me tell you, I understand the law of attraction on a very deep level. I was creating the life that I did not want. Once I changed my thoughts I created something different.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

As I sit with my thoughts this morning and the gratitude I feel for what I’ve created thus far, I know that there is still more to create from the desire’s of my heart.

One of the trickiest parts of creating a life that is joyful was learning that all I have to do is allow what I want into my experience. I had so many beliefs and people that told me why I couldn’t or shouldn’t have something. When I let those beliefs go, and realized that I could have anything I wanted, the Universe started pouring these gifts into my life…not because I earned it, but because I allowed it in.

The greatest gift of my life is Jack Walker. He’s the love of my life and the bliss in my heart. He’s my match.

I had to allow this relationship into my life. That meant that I had to release many thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and even some people.

I had to be very brave and truly listen to what my heart was saying.

There were days that I felt so scared I could barely breathe. But now as I look into the eyes of my beloved, I thank God every day that I was willing to allow what I truly wanted into my experience. Jack is everything that I ever wanted and more in a spouse.

We also get the rare and privileged opportunity of running a business together where we teach people how to thrive instead of just surviving the day-to-day, especially in relationship with their significant other.

We have learned much on our journey together and we love to share the magic.

I leave a blessing upon all the readers of this post.

Know that you get to create whatever you want.

Know that the only thing that gets in your way is your own limiting beliefs that tell you why you can’t or shouldn’t have your desire.

Focus on your desires, not on the things that are missing in your life.

Think about how good it would feel if you had the things that felt important to you. Focus on that and things will begin to change.

Have a blessed day dear ones.

Much love and gratitude,


Should you kiss on the first date?

Should you kiss on the first date?

Do you think you should kiss on the first date? Why or why not?

My first kiss with Jack was the most amazing kiss I’ve ever experienced. It happened 3 years after we met. I hadn’t ever felt so connected to another soul as I did with his.

It was like our lips were created for each other and I had finally come home. After all these years we cannot keep our lips off of  each other.

Here are some fun facts about kissing…


  • When you kiss someone for the first time, you get a spike in the neurotransmitter dopamine, making you crave more.
  • Two thirds of people tilt their head to the right when they kiss.
  • When you kiss someone your heart beats faster and more oxygen reaches your brain.
  • Endorphins released during kissing bring on waves of euphoria
  • Kissing triggers the release of oxytocin in your body.
  • kissing in a relationship is related to how satisfied people say they are in that relationship.
  • The world record for the longest kiss stands at well over two days.
  • Your lips have a disproportionate number of nerve endings compared to other parts of your body.
  • When your lips touch someone else’s 5 out of 12 of your cranial nerves are engaged.
  • Over time, kissing lowers your levels of stress hormone cortisol, making you feel all safe and secure.
  • Most people remember their first kiss more vividly than the first time they had sex

Now, go kiss someone.


Who would you be?

Who would you be?

Who would you be if the world never gave you a label?



We’re here to love.

That’s it.

That’s all.


Just love.

Each other.

We were meant to be free.

And stop thinking so small.

And see each other for who we truly are.

That is all.

Prince Ea has a message for all of us:

We are not our bodies.

We are we.



Just love.

We were meant to connect and care for each other.

No labels.

“May we see ourselves and each other for who we truly are.”

Always yours,

Tiff & Jack

Does change scare the heebie jeebies out of you?

Does change scare the heebie jeebies out of you?

Does it make you crazy when you’re going along, enjoying your life, and all-of-the-sudden the proverbial rug is ripped right out from under you?

Do you wish things could just stay the same for a minute or two?

You’re not alone in this wish.

This happens often in relationship where you don’t even realize you’ve just done or said something that creates an adverse response in your beloved, and WHAM, conflict erupts.

It also happens at work, with our health and in a million other ways.

Comfort flies out the window and you find yourself feeling like you’re getting close to seeing rock bottom. This is the point at which you have a choice to shut down OR open up and embrace the possibilities.

Limitless possibilities live in the unknown.

I repeat, limitless possibilities live in the unknown.

Even though the unknown is scary and uncertain, it’s an amazing gift.

Change allows us to release the OLD so that we can embrace the NEW.

Trying to hang onto the old keeps us stuck and floundering.

Embracing the new gives us opportunities that move us forward into what can bring us even more happiness than we knew before.

Our spirit thrives in change as it understands the vastness of dwelling in limitless possibilities.

We’re beautiful expressions of the Divine.

Our ego wants us to play it safe, stay hidden, and resist change at all costs.

Our ego wants things to stay the same, to somehow protect us from rejection or failure. The messages it sends are based in illusion.

There’s no truth in rejection or failure. There’s only fear that we’re not wanted or that we’re not enough.

In truth we’re lovable and desirable and created perfectly whole as an individualized expression of the Divine.

As we clear the fears of change, and release the illusionary beliefs of rejection and failure, we’ll embrace change and seize the opportunity to create lives and relationships of unlimited happiness and abundance.

It’s time to break that glass ceiling. Are you ready?

This week, Jack and I want you to remember that as things are changing in your life, and you find yourself in the unknown, remember you’re being given an opportunity to create a new experience for yourself.

What do you want? Think about that. Then, choose to have it, knowing that what you want, wants you.

Next, stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, with your hands up in the air, held wide open, and repeat aloud, “I receive! I receive! I receive! Thank you God, and so it is!”

Let go of the HOW and WHEN, and ALLOW the Universe to bring it in baby.

Here’s to the NEW my darlings! Cheers!!

Love always,


P.S. What change are you facing today? Please share…

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