152 – The Biggest Mistake You Can Ever Make

152 – The Biggest Mistake You Can Ever Make

Oh wow! When you read the title and consider the biggest mistake you can ever make, what comes to mind?? We aren’t trying to scare you, in fact there’s no scary part of today’s message. This “thing” we’re talking about today is something you MUST be aware of so that you can be the captain of your own ship. The creator (on purpose) of your own destiny. Yep, it’s that big. See you on the inside!


Tiff & Jack

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131 – The GIFT of the Empath

131 – The GIFT of the Empath

Sometimes you may feel like everything about you is wrong. Being different than 80% of the world may cause you to question yourself as an Empath. Today’s episode is a counterbalance to the negativity weighing you down.

You matter! And we’re going to help you clearly see and embrace that. 


Tiff & Jack

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