058 – Relationship Show & Tell

058 – Relationship Show & Tell

“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine….”

Did you love show-and-tell days in grade school? You’d bring one of your favorite things to school with you, all wrapped up in a bag so no one would see what it was.  When you finally got to pull it out and share it with the whole class… oh the thrill of it!

Today is “Relationship Show & Tell” day.

Our relationship is freaking awesome! People want what we have. And with all the good, comes some bad. So it goes.

We’d be leading you astray if we didn’t allow you to peek into both sides of the equation–the smiles AND the swearing. 🤭

Each of us came up with 7 questions to ask the other, without knowing what they were. Our answers are completely off-the-cuff and unrehearsed. The reason we did this was to give you some powerful insight into the DIFFERENCES between the masculine and the feminine.

It take a balance between the masculine and the feminine in every love relationship to enjoy hot passion and intimacy.  We know this can be a touchy subject. We are NOT putting anyone into a box, in fact we’re ripping the box to shreds so that you get a much clearer picture of what’s possible.

This episode starts out with a bang because earlier this morning before recording it, we got into a massive “retrograde” blow out (and it wasn’t pretty) and it came up as a topic of conversation LIVE on the air while recording this show. 

Being life and relationship coaches we KNOW what goes on behind closed doors (including our own) and we make it very clear to you what “typical” is so you don’t feel like you’re the only one that has some serious blowouts. And we help you get a good grip on what the masculine/feminine dance looks like.

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014 – Tiff & Jack Getting Real About Their Relationship

014 – Tiff & Jack Getting Real About Their Relationship

Today’s podcast episode is unprecedented in that Tiff & Jack each chose 6 questions to ask each other, and the other one didn’t know what they’re going to be asked. We each gained deeper insight and realized that even after being together 10 years there’s always something new to learn. Oh and don’t miss Jack’s moment of heartbreak with one of Tiff’s answers. Epic! 

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010 – Setting Boundaries: The Art of Creating Successful Relationships

010 – Setting Boundaries: The Art of Creating Successful Relationships

Healthy relationships cannot exist without boundaries. Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules, and limits, that you create for yourself to identify what you will or won’t do and what you will or won’t allow in a relationship. When you don’t have personal boundaries in place you’ll be living in other’s desires, needs and expectations, leaving you feeling like your wants and needs don’t matter. In today’s episode we cover the 6 Key Ingredients to Setting & Maintaining Personal Boundaries. And not only that, we share what happened this morning right before we recorded this episode which left Jack almost having a panic attack. It is seriously funny! Don’t miss a good laugh.

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