146 – Relationship Struggles, Solved

146 – Relationship Struggles, Solved

How would you like to have your Empath relationship struggles, solved? Yep, we know that as an Empath you’re likely to struggle with feelings of “losing” yourself in a relationship because at all costs you want to keep the peace. 

“No conflict” is your motto (especially when it comes to your most important relationships.

Understandably so! You’re highly sensory and that means you FEEL deeper than 80% of the population. And there’s no bigger work than that of being in deep, committed, romantic relationship.

Tiff & Jack have been together for 15 years, and it just keeps getting better-and-better. (That doesn’t mean they don’t have their “downs,” along with their “ups!”)

If you’re looking for simple ways to feel empowered every day in your intimate relationship . . . look no further. 


Tiff & Jack


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106 – #relationshipgoals

106 – #relationshipgoals

We know a thing or two about being in a happy healthy intimate relationship… we’ve spent over 50 years collectively in spousal relationships. 

Today we cover how to feel happier in your relationship (without having to fake it 😘), with these 10 actionable #relationshipgoals.

Just pick one and do it until it feels normal and then pick another…and another.

Our specialty is making things simple and actionable to make it easier to put into action.  And today’s episode lays out the fastest path to relational happiness.

Sending you a big juicy virtual (because we are in a pandemic for goddsake) kiss on the lips to say, “Hey we love you!”


Tiff & Jack

076 – Make Love Not War

076 – Make Love Not War

A Candid Conversation About Marriage

Love feels so damn good…until it doesn’t.

Relationships are one of the greatest sources of joy, but can also be a tremendous pain in the heart. 

When you decide to share your life with someone, you invite them into your closet where they’ll see your nice tidy features and the parts of you others don’t often see. And on the flip side, you agree to accept their triumphs and shortcomings as well.

In honor of lover’s day we dedicate this episode to making love not war, as we share a candid discussion about marriage and our life together — the good, the bad, and the ugly.​

072 –  Answers to 4 Deadly Relationship Sins

072 – Answers to 4 Deadly Relationship Sins

We have solutions (to relationship “ugly”)…

What would happen if you listened to this episode without listening to episode 71 first? Then you’ll be getting the answers to the test without knowing the questions and miss some damn funny back-and-forth (we were both a little drunk). Episode 071 is the prequel to this one.  We can’t just talk about the relationship killers  without giving you solutions, now can we?!

Being a relationship expert is something you’re interested in, isn’t it?

More info: tiffandjack.com



071 – 4 Deadly Relationship “Sins” (Uncensored)

071 – 4 Deadly Relationship “Sins” (Uncensored)

Relationship Killers Exposed!

This episode is devoted to uncovering the top 4 relationship killers. It’s critical to know what they are and where you might be sabotaging your relationship.

Intimate relationship can be tricky business. When it’s good, it will knock your socks off with pure pleasure. When it’s bad you can feel like you’re in hell.

We recorded this late at night and it’s extra irreverent, but packed with goodies (and a few good laughs at our expense). Episode (072) will be the antidotes to these 4 relationship killers, so be sure to catch that one when it’s available.

Happy Holidays 2018!


Tiff & Jack

068 – Patience Won’t Kill You

068 – Patience Won’t Kill You

Patience is a virtue AND won’t kill you.

Waiting for our brand new Puffy mattress took a lot of patience for us and it was well worth it. We haven’t ever had a new mattress delivered in a box before.

I (Jack) spent the last couple of weeks or so comparing mattresses and making a decision as to which bed we were going to buy. 

The Puffy won! (If you haven’t heard about the puffy mattress, google it.)

Last night was our maiden voyage.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh… sleeping on a cloud.

Waiting for a new bed to arrive is a fun and exciting test of patience.

Being patient around difficult people or dealing with kids that are acting up is a different story.

Or maybe you’re in a less-than-desirable relationship… that’s where this podcast episode comes into play. 

We discuss 5 ways to make being patient feel less like having teeth pulled without anesthetic and more like sleeping on cloud.

Consequently, you won’t want to miss this.