100 – It’s Going to Be A-OK

100 – It’s Going to Be A-OK

This episode helps you not only manage all the CHANGE happening but to also to see the surprising good in it (there really is some–no matter how impossible that may seem).

Because of the the huge amounts of uncertainty we’re all facing, it’s time to bring some certainty in. We help you know what to do to bring some calm back into your day.

And if you didn’t listen to Jack’s “Sweet Relief” hypnosis, today is the day to do it (it combines deep relaxation, immune building, AND some massive positivity that sinks right into your subconscious noggin).

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We do love you!

Tiff & Jack

098 – 9 Ways to Know if You’re Passive-Aggressive

098 – 9 Ways to Know if You’re Passive-Aggressive

There’s not one person on this planet that wants to consider themselves as being passive-aggressive. It smacks of the negative, through and through.

I have a question for you.. have you EVER said, “yes, I’d love to do that,” while on the inside you KNOW that there’s no way on god’s green earth you’re going to? Me too. 

Thank god, when you know better, you do better. And having my hidden passive aggressiveness shoved out into the light has given me a strong resolve to be mindful of all the ways I show up in the world.

I hope you learn some amazing things as you listen.

And if you feel triggered… don’t worry, I did too. 😉

Sending much love your way, 

Jack (and Tiff)

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