Hey there,

It’s video day! It’s been a while but we’re back to our shenanigans.

Today’s topic: 5 Ways to Captivate Your *Man (DM)

*We used “man” as a quick and easy title, but you know the drill, we’re talking about captivating the Dominant Masculine thinking person.

If you don’t know what in Sam Hill we’re talking about, click the yellow button at the bottom and find out for yourself if you think more masculine or feminine (it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the way you think).

We get a little saucey in our video, but more that that we’re here to help you have a life and relationship you love.


The 5 things we mention in the video are simple to do, just start where you are, that’s good enough.

May this day wrap you up and kiss your face off.



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