085 – Accept Yourself and Become Who YOU Want to Be

085 – Accept Yourself and Become Who YOU Want to Be

If you can accept yourself, how you are at this very moment (I mean accept yourself completely), real change can happen. If not, you’re in resistance, and the very thing you want, will allude you.

Tiffany Walker

This episode is about you being more authentic with yourself, and the first step to doing that is to accept your current reality (which can be difficult to do, so that’s why we’ve recorded this podcast… to help you do just that).

And the really good news is that, accepting something does NOT mean you have to love it. 😘

084 – Your SECRET Superpower

084 – Your SECRET Superpower

You have superhero powers too!

Numero uno… you must first understand that YOU do HAVE SUPERPOWERS.

Number two… you need to know where your superpower lives.

Number three… once you know where it lives, you must know how to tap into it.

Don’t worry, it’s so much easier than you can even imagine.

Join us as we introduce YOU to yourself.

Mucho loves and kisses 🤗,

Tiff & Jack

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083 –  Why do I FEEL so much?

083 – Why do I FEEL so much?

Today is sunny, a lightly cool breeze, and gorgeous!

All of the trees are covered in brand new green leaves that seem to be shouting, “I’m so happy to be alive!”

Oh god I love days like this.

Yesterday was the best date day. Nothing extra special happened but the connection between Tiff and I was on fire.

We went to the gym and when we got there before working out, declared, “Fuck it it’s Friday,” and drove to Beaumont Bakery to have the world’s best avocado toast, pastries, coffee and of course Tiff started the day off right with a glass or 2 of Rosé.

The pastries are so damn good. Baked fresh every single day and that is the reason why you’ll lose your mind when you eat them. SO GOOD!

Good food, gorgeous wife, happy feelings and day drinking… ahhhhh, just so nice.

I love seeing my wife happy and relaxed, and it was long overdue.

The rest of the day was spent visiting mama Cris for an early Mother’s Day visit, buying Tiff a whole new wardrobe because her clothes have all gotten too big (such an awesome problem to have), then back home again for some pre-dinner drinks, a nice pipe smoke and then Lyfting to a late dinner.

It was wonderful and MUCH needed.

It’s been a helluva couple of weeks with energy management at our house, especially for Tiff.

Being an empath is a big job. And Tiff is a full blown empath.

Me…I’m highly sensitive but not an empath.

If I’ve lost you, let me clarify.

Being an empath is someone that FEELS other people’s feelings as their own.

For example: You walk into a Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. You stand in line next to a guy that seems like a pretty ok guy but suddenly you are overcome with intense sadness and feel like crying. You know with absolute certainty that you were happy as a clam when you walked in but now you feel like crying and you’re wondering if you’re nuts??!

You’re not alone in this, it’s estimated that 20% of the world is made up of highly sensitive people.

Empaths are at the far end of the sensitivity spectrum not only being more sensitive to everything but their feelings aren’t just their own.

This can get a little complicated trying to explain it, but if you listen to this episode we chunk it right down and make it super simple.

You need to know if you’re a highly sensitive person because if you are, you’re different and have different needs.

In this episode we give you the assessment to help you figure out if you’re an HSP (highly sensitive person), and we talk about the differences between being highly sensitive vs. being an empath.

Listen up.

It’s important for you to know this about yourself.

Well, I’ve got to wrap this up now because there are some other things that must get done before I head home with beer and pizzas in hand for our son’s shared birthday party tonight.

All for now.

And btw have a beautiful Mother’s Day, whether you’re a mother of children or fur babies, or the world’s best aunty, it’s your day, celebrate. Why not eat dessert first? Life really is meant to be devoured.

Au revoir!

Jack (and Tiff 💋)

CLICK HERE for the HSP Assessment

082 – Shut Yer Tater Trap (and you might learn something)

082 – Shut Yer Tater Trap (and you might learn something)

Today’s a day that started with Tiff and I heading to the gym on our Friday morning.

Friday has always been “date day” but we’re mixing it up a little. Our Lover Palooza begins tonight at 6pm and runs through the entire weekend. 

I normally do the business part of our coaching business (no clients) mostly on Wednesday and Saturdays but we’re getting a little crazy and changing things up (nothing like a little variety in life), so here I sit typing away in a new Starbucks. 

God, I love Starbucks!

People quietly chatting nearby.

MacBooks everywhere you look. Nothing quite like Apple products to make your life brighter.

The sound of Ice cubes falling into a cup, espressos being made, “what are you doing this weekend,” coming out of the mouth of the sweetest human ever from behind the counter.

I sit here on a comfy bench seat, sipping on my grande iced americano, and feeling totally impressed with how fast the internet speed is. Nice!

Wait a second, I just realize I left my cell phone out in the car. Never a good idea.

The guy next to me looks trustworthy, I’m going to ask him to keep an eye on my computer for me while I grab my phone.

Ok, I’m back.

Nice people are so nice. It feels good to trust another person, even if you don’t know them. 

Yesterday we got up, went to the gym, came home and each made our own breakfast (because we eat different things sometimes), recorded our podcast, washed our “stink” off and then went to work and coached the world’s best clients. 

The podcast is about being a good listener, because being a good listener is the single greatest skill a person can have (right after being a good lover 😉).

Have you ever had a time when you thought you knew what someone was going to say and jumped in to finish their sentence and you were 100% off base and felt like a fool? I have. Not my favorite thing.

I’ve been working on my listening skills and I would like to publicly thank the Gottman’s for writing the book, “The Man’s Guide to Women.” 

This book has quite literally made my listening and therefore my relationship, even better.  Our intimacy has jumped by at least half again, and that’s a big deal to me because I love our love and the more we can both feel that for-and-from each other, the better life feels all the way around.

Hence episode 082 was birthed and it was a quick and enjoyable delivery. 😉

We talked about good listening and good questions to ask to spark more connective conversation and we also talked about the things NOT to say when being a good listener.

Have you had the experience of sharing your frustration over something you’re going through in life and the person you’re talking to says, “I’m sure they didn’t mean it…” How did that make you feel? Like your feelings just don’t matter? 

Listening is an art, and requires patience and lots of practice.

Now I’ve gotta run and finish editing our podcast and adding the music to it so you have it in your inbox bright and early Sunday morning.

Have a wonderful, beautiful and delicious day.

And if you have a wild hair to coach with us, the first step is to fill out this application now (and then you’ll hear back from us) . . .http://bit.ly/tiffandjackconsultapplication

081 – Energy Vampire’s Suck: How to Protect Yourself

081 – Energy Vampire’s Suck: How to Protect Yourself

Energy Protection 101

Have you ever experienced going out to dinner with a friend and you’re excited to go, but halfway through dinner you suddenly feel like you need to leave right then and take a NAP? Chances are, you’ve been sucked dry by an energy vamp. 😈

This episode covers 7 types of energy vampires and each of their antidotes. We’ve also included a special bonus of 4 quick ways to get back into sync with yourself, once you’ve been sucked dry.

It’s not about closing yourself off from the world, it’s about making healthy decisions and setting boundaries. You are your first line of defense.

More info: tiffandjack.com