093 – The Power of Pleasure

093 – The Power of Pleasure

When you allow yourself an indulgence, do feel like you’re doing something “wrong?”

Withholding pleasure creates obsession for the very thing you’re stopping yourself from enjoying. Bam! There it is. We just gave you permission to enjoy yourself.

Your daily challenge: Do 1 thing each day that gives you pleasure. And if anyone gives you hard time tell them that “Tiff & Jack” challenged you, and you always RISE to the occasion, and then invite them to complete the daily pleasure challenge as well.

It’s that simple. Pleasure is powerful and brings more and more pleasure-filled experiences into your life. Like attracts like.

It’s that simple!


Tiff & Jack

Shopping for the Walker family Thanksgiving extravaganza (including food for our dog)!

092 – 11 Daily Struggles Empaths Face

092 – 11 Daily Struggles Empaths Face

In today’s episode we cover 11 Daily Struggles you may be facing on a daily basis. Therefore, helping you navigate the sometimes “bumpy road” of the highly sensitive life.

The struggle is real. And we’re here to make your life easier. 🧡

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091 – The Hot Mess

091 – The Hot Mess

Have you wondered what to do when you’re feeling like a hot mess? Today’s episode reveals the ONE thing you can do to feel better fast. We aren’t here telling you that you shouldn’t be a hot mess. What we’re saying is to “wrap those arms of yours around your hot messy-ness and notice what happens next.”

Plan on being surprised! 🤗

090 – The SECRET to Manifesting Faster

090 – The SECRET to Manifesting Faster

The ONE thing you must know to manifesting anything, easier.

What does body odor, breakfast, and manifesting, all have in common?? I don’t know either. That’s just a sprinkling of what we talked about at the top of the hour.

Today it’s about the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

You’re always manifesting. You’re either manifesting what you WANT, or what you don’t want.

And most important part of the entire podcast is where we discuss the #1 SECRET to manifest faster!

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089 – The Narcissist, Exposed!

089 – The Narcissist, Exposed!

As an empath, you are a bright shiny delicious light beckoning narcissists your way. Opposites attract.

What you MUST know to stop being controlled by others.

You feel everything deeper. Narcissists, don’t.

Knowledge is power.

Included in today’s episode:

  1. A story about why Tiff found herself locked in a padded room at school.
  2. Are you in a relationship with a narcissist? We help you figure that out.
  3. All narcissists aren’t the same. There are 3 levels of narcissists, and we discuss all three.
  4. Do you ever wish you had a speedy comeback that could instantly disarm a narcissist? We give you 5!
  5. Once you realize you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, and you’re ready to get out, this episode helps.

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Love, Tiff & Jack