Presented LIVE by Tiff & Jack in their Connected Empath Facebook Group. This live-streamed workshop is Designed with YOU the sensitive Empath in mind, bringing you fast measurable relief and TRUE self-alignment!

It’s FREE.

Starts: July 12, 2021

Tiff & Jack educate and mentor Empaths to not only thrive & prosper, but to make a lasting impact on the world using their unique Empathic healing gifts.

Tiff is a natural-born Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Healer, using her Empath gifts in business to bless the lives of others, bringing peace, clarity and healing to every person, or group she works with.

And Jack (her partner in crime…and husband) comes from the other side of the equation as a powerful Mindset Coach, assisting clients to identify and remove the limiting beliefs blocking them from having whatever it is they desire to BE, DO, or HAVE.

They are a dynamic duo, two sides of the same coin, who together own and run Thought Tracks Coaching & Healing, Inc., and are the creators of the worldwide Empath Rise & Thrive Group Coaching and Spiritual Healing Program, and the hosts of the Energized Empath LIVE Show and the Tiff & Jack Show Podcast.

If you’re an Empath looking for a community where you can feel at home, you’re cordially invited to Tiff & Jack’s Connected Empath Facebook Group >>> Click here to join.