Hello there! We’re Tiff & Jack.

 Yes we have credentials… Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners, TIME Technique Practitioners, and Certified CORE Success Coaches. And we’ve run our coaching business for more than a decade. But enough of that…

Did you know that we LOVE love? And we love laughing. We love Friday Date Day. We love going out with friends. We love hosting family birthday parties for our kids. Oh and we love recording the latest episode of our podcast, “The Tiff & Jack Show.”

Not too long ago, something caught our attention in a HUGE way.

There’s a huge GAP needing to be filled. Twenty percent of people on this planet are highly sensitive, and feel lost. Drowning in a sea of overwhelm.

So what did we do? We started a special group just for you, the highly sensitive person/empath! It’s the CONNECTED EMPATH facebook group.


We can’t wait to rub shoulders with you.


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You can depend on Tiff & Jack to show you simple, practical, and effective strategies, to tap into the awe-inspiring power WITHIN and how to turn your mind into a powerful tool for improving everyday life.




Drawing on their experience of coaching clients for the past decade, enjoying a relationship people aspire to, and parenting a blended family of 6 kids, Tiff & Jack provide priceless insight into a stress-free approach to helping you free your inner super hero and unlocking the hidden hand of the Universe, so you can live your best life right now.




With their hit podcast, successful life coaching practice, and devoted community, they show you that living YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY and HAVING IT ALL isn’t just reserved for the people born with a golden spoon in their mouth… it’s for everyone.




Come on over and join us at The Tiff & Jack Show Podcast. It’s all for you!