137 – Boundary Setting that Sticks

137 – Boundary Setting that Sticks

Boundary setting as an Empath is critical to your happiness, and setting boundaries that STICK is even better!

You feel deeply, and it’s easy for you to put yourself on the back burner and allow people to walk over you because of the fact that you don’t want to upset them.

And so this show is for YOU today, because you choose to live an empowered life.

We help you figure out if you’re doing a good job with setting boundaries (or not) . . . and then we jump in and give you boundary setting baby steps to make the process so much easier. 

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.

Remember that everything you want is outside of your comfort zone, and setting boundaries is your fastest path to empowerment.

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You’ve got this! 

Tiff & Jack

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136 – Grief and the Empath

136 – Grief and the Empath

Grief is felt even deeper as an Empath. 

Losing a loved one or a cherished pet to death, creates deep grief. 

Death isn’t the only form of loss that creates grief, there are other things that happen in life that spark grief too. 

In this episode, not only do we discuss the 5 stages of grief but we also talk about 5 different TYPES of grief, and give you simple-but-powerful ways to work through it with grace and self-love.

If you’re feeling grief today, please accept the kindness and support coming your way, from us.

With love,

Tiff & Jack



Having a hard time sleeping.

Thinking deeply about all that is going on in our part of the world . . . the fires, the Delta variant, hospitals at max capacity, a shortage of workers in many industries, and so on.

As I think of all the people being affected by these situations I feel deeply the fear and anger rising.

Fear and anger won’t ever be long term solutions, but they do wake people up to a bigger decision to create change. They springboard us to new ideas that help, and more thoughtful decisions for the whole, instead of just the self.

We are in this together.

We are family.

We are all connected to each other at all times.

There is no changing that.

Dear earth family, it is time we learn the lessons we are being called to learn.

It’s time to love not just ourselves, but everyone.

We must ask ourselves, “What can I do to help my neighbor? What gift can I offer my friends? What can I do in my community and in the world to help Bring health and comfort?”

If we will ask ourself these questions and follow our true heart, we will eradicate the traumas around us.

We are a team and must work together for the good of the whole.

Please act now.

Mama Tiff

135 – Taking Action the EASY Way

135 – Taking Action the EASY Way

You’ve watched “The Secret.” You know that your thoughts are creating your reality. You’re a genius at feeling those feelers . . . what could be missing?!

Ready, set, _______________!

Yep, ACTION is critical, but how do you take action when you feel so overwhelmed as an Empath? Today’s episode gives you FIVE important tricks to help you in the “taking action” department (and yep, we make it easy . . . like we always do)! 😘

Here’s to YOU living your best life right now. 


Tiff & Jack

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