068 – Patience Won’t Kill You

068 – Patience Won’t Kill You

Patience is a virtue AND won’t kill you.

Waiting for our brand new Puffy mattress took a lot of patience for us and it was well worth it. We haven’t ever had a new mattress delivered in a box before.

I (Jack) spent the last couple of weeks or so comparing mattresses and making a decision as to which bed we were going to buy. 

The Puffy won! (If you haven’t heard about the puffy mattress, google it.)

Last night was our maiden voyage.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh… sleeping on a cloud.

Waiting for a new bed to arrive is a fun and exciting test of patience.

Being patient around difficult people or dealing with kids that are acting up is a different story.

Or maybe you’re in a less-than-desirable relationship… that’s where this podcast episode comes into play. 

We discuss 5 ways to make being patient feel less like having teeth pulled without anesthetic and more like sleeping on cloud.

Consequently, you won’t want to miss this.

067 – Codependency 101

067 – Codependency 101


That godawful “thing” that so many of would rather not think about.

What is it really?

Signs of codependency include excessive caretaking, controlling, and preoccupation with people and things outside of ourselves.

Now the real trick is what on earth do we do with this?

Never you fear, Tiff and Jack are here.

We lay it out quick, simple, and with a bit of laughter thrown in for good measure.

Join us.