You Are the Power

You Are the Power

The power is in you to change your world.

You have the power! It is in you.

This very power is what will give you the ability to enjoy 2017 more than any other year of your life.

No matter what you’re going through or dealing with, it’s your own beautiful light, that makes it possible to find the good every where you look.

Your self-contained power affects change all around you, including people that you’re close to and even the people that rub you the wrong way.

It is the secret, the answer, the WAY.

We have the power to change our own hearts and minds, as well as the hearts and minds of others. How, you may ask??

As we change the way we see things…things change.

We have the power to affect change by seeing the good, the beautiful, and the infinite possibility within.

Love is the answer and the power and the truth.

When you notice the beauty of the trees, the warmth of the sunshine, a child’s laugh, the smile lines on someone’s eyes, a hug from a friend, the taste of your morning coffee…you are tapping into a transformational force.

This is love force and it’s in you, around you, and a part of everything you are, do and see.

Love force encourages, strengthens and supports.

It’s the only thing that’s real.

When you see a person, look for the beauty in them no matter how deep you must look…when you see it, you’re unleashing a force that assists people to rise and become more of Who They Really Are (which is perfection, by-the-way). Not only does it help them, but it helps you do the same.

How much better can it get??

So 2017 has nothing on you, it’s a new year, waiting for you to see the good in it.

Everything is going to be alright.

Take the higher ground.

Look for the best in everyone and everything…and you’ll find it.

Give the benefit of the doubt and pick the story that makes you feel the best, and that “story” will most definitely have something to do with seeing the good in yourself and others.

Stand as witness for the light in others.

You seeing the good in others makes the good in you blaze bright and bold.

And this, our friend, is the way 2017 will indeed be the best year of your life, for this is the only way it can be, because YOU are the power.

We see you!

With much love,

Tiff & Jack

Your Life, Your Way

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Our holiday wish for you…

Our holiday wish for you…

Sending our love to you during the holidays.

This morning after my early morning stint at Fedex, I had to run into Costco to pick up my “man juice,” (testosterone) to keep this magnificent transition going (if you wonder what I’m talking about please ask and I’ll be happy to share more).

It was right after 10 AM and I figured I would be able to get in and out very quick. Nope! The entire parking lot was PACKED! I drove around a minute or two and then my parking “angels” opened a perfect spot for me…thank you parking angels.

I parked the car and ran in realizing I also needed to pick up some toilet paper, texas toast bread for Christmas morning breakfast, kale salad because it’s so delicious, and 3 hot dogs (10 AM or not, hot dogs are good food). No they weren’t all for me…I thought Tiff and our son would like one too.

I got the hot dogs all doctored up, no onions for Tiff, but plenty for me of course, and then made my way out of Costco and wandered down the wrong aisle wondering where in the hell I had parked my car, and noticed I wasn’t the only one wandering around the parking area looking lost, there were a few of us…hahaha!

I finally found it, and drove home.

Upon arriving home, I sensed that something was amiss as I walked in and saw Tiff’s face. Yes indeed there was a little bump in the “family” road that needed some time and attention…conversations to be had, clarity to be shared and feelings to cherish…and yet again, peace restored.

Life in our house these days is very messy, messy, messy, cheese balls everywhere, pans of fudge waiting to be cut up and put into their own little containers, and the rest of the yummies for the Christmas goody plates waiting to be created.

Our life is filled with lots of wonderful people to see, clients to coach, birthdays to celebrate, presents to wrap, a conflict here and there to manage (you know…Mercury is indeed in retrograde), work to do, blogs to write, facebook live messages to share, and the list goes on…

We know that your life might look similar to this or it could be entirely different.

You could be alone this holiday season. You might be waiting for a diagnosis that could very well be less than desirable. You may have a child that’s ill, or a loved one taking their last breath.

Dear friend, please know that there’s so much more happening than just what you can see with your eyes.

Your angels are nearby, call to them, ask them to help you feel their presence, and you will.

The Universe has your back and is right here.

Remember that you matter.

You’re heart is magnificent.

You being you is the most important part of everything that is.

Let your beautiful light blaze bright and big.

Open that heart of yours to spill out your magnificence.

This is our prayer for you today, and tomorrow and the next day (and the next and the next and the next and to infinity and beyond).

We love you!

Jack (and Tiff…of course) XOXO

Your Life, Your Way

P.S. Here’s our facebook live video talking about why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work…

Pleasure…the “Naughty” Word

Pleasure…the “Naughty” Word


1.a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.
synonyms: happiness, delight, joy, gladness, glee, satisfaction, gratification, contentment, enjoyment, amusement

When was the last time you experienced pleasure? I mean really felt the overwhelming feeling of joy?

The word “PLEASURE” was a major trigger word for me.

I thought if I had “PLEASURE” it would make me selfish, carnal, worldly, devilish…BAD!

I had to let go of my Puritanical point of view and belief system that came from my DNA and my religious/family upbringing so that I could actually enjoy my life.

In fact, I remember a certain family member telling me that I need to live a certain way and that I need to be brave enough to break my own heart. To me, that just felt wrong. So… I chose to fill my heart with joy!

I’ve always been known to be quite irreverent and the kind of person that follows the beat of my own drum. I tried to be more conforming and proper but I just couldn’t do it. I tried not to swear and express myself in a passionate way,  but it just wouldn’t happen. I tried to not laugh at inappropriate things, but laughter screams from my lips on a daily basis.  My irreverence, passionate expression and laughter are simply part of who I am and those things bring a lot of pleasure into my life. And to the lives of others for that matter.

Why are we trying to conform to what others say is proper or quiet? Why are we worried about what others think? Why are we avoiding pleasure?!

I was talking to my dear friend  Sally Ostler. We were discussing how people live in Spain. I loved hearing that they live lives of pleasure and rest. Of course they work but it’s not their focus. They eat amazing food, drink amazing wine and connect with each other in their families and with their friends. They’re not afraid to nap or spend the day at the beach. They simply live in pleasure. It brought deep comfort to my soul as we discussed it. It felt as though God was whispering, “This is the truth of life!”

Many of you know that Jack and I have much fun and pleasure in our life because we share it here on Facebook. The amazing thing is that the more fun and pleasure we experience the more our business grows. Isn’t that amazing?
The more joy we have in our life the more prosperous we become.

We all have amazing bodies that have the ability to experience pleasure on the deepest level. So let’s experience it shall we?

Just laughter alone can change your entire life. When is the last time that you laughed? I mean a belly laugh where you couldn’t stop?

When is the last time you ate what you wanted and really enjoyed the variety of flavor?

When is the last time that you sat down with friends and connected deeply in the present moment without guilt or worry that you should be doing something else?

When was the last time you had a glass of wine that enhanced the flavor of your food?

When is the last time that you relaxed enough to connect to your partner and have an amazing sexual experience that left you feeling restful and in a state of bliss?

When is the last time you took time out for yourself to do something that you really loved?

When is the last time you took a nap?

When is the last time you didn’t feel guilty about something?

When is the last time that you kissed your lover and talked about your secret fantasies?

When is the last time that you drove fast in your car and listened to loud music?

When is the last time you acted silly without feeling immature?

When is the last time you danced?

When is the last time you made work secondary to pleasure?

It is time for us all to move into lives of pleasure and joy. We were designed to live this way. Stress, shame, guilt, worry are all emotions that cause our bodies to break down and become sick and unhappy. Why in the Hell do we think this is OK?

During this holiday season I suggest that you start adding a little more pleasure and joy into your life experience. If you do this I will promise you’ll feel better, healthier and you’ll become more prosperous.



Mercury made me do it…

Mercury made me do it…

Mercury goes retro on the 19th of December…

Hello there, with retrograde barreling down, we’re here to help you get through it easy peasy.

This retrograde begins December 19 and ends January 8, 2017. There is a shadow effect before and after for a bit, but never you fear.

Tiff and I knew our facebook live video today needed to be all about Mercury retrograde and how to gracefully move through it without too many bumps and bruises.

And what makes it even more exciting is the fact that when Tiff was awake during her “witching hour” at 3:30 AM this morning, she learned something new and very valuable to make this retrograde better than ever for you.

Something to be mindful of (but not afraid of) is the fact that sleep is often disrupted during retrograde, which in turn can exacerbate other disturbances such as feeling confused, not wanting to be flexible, having a hard time staying in reality and making up stories about what you think others are thinking about you. (The “stories” will get us every time!)

So when you notice you’re feeling a little bit sleepy or cranky, STOP what you’re doing, close your eyes for a few minutes (even as few as 2-5) and allow the sleepies to move through. Instead of fighting it, wrap it up and kiss its face off. 😉

You may also feel like you’re struggling to process information, and it seems like you, and the world around you, is in slow motion, which means you’ll need to be extremely patient with yourself and others.

Take it down a few notches. Pretend you’re enjoying a tropical vacation where “island time” is the norm.


Quick tips to get through retrograde easy peasy:

  1. Take little catnaps as needed.
  2. Take time to work through your crap and not take it out on the people you love.
  3. Spend a little time writing down your thoughts and feelings to work through them.
  4. Be patient with yourself and others.
  5. Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going.
  6. Let go of the fear around retrograde and look at it as a gift to help you look more deeply into yourself and doing your inner clearing work.
  7. Remember, above all, what you want, wants you! If you want a wonderful retrograde experience…you can indeed have it.

If this helps you in some way, we ask you to share the love, and pass this message along to a friend, or share the video on your facebook page. 

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Until next time, we encourage you to live every day like it’s a holiday…just the way you want.

We’re here!


Tiff & Jack

Your Life, Your Way

Stop the Hate, Love Yourself More

Stop the Hate, Love Yourself More

Well hello there!

There definitely has been some hate being spewed in the good ole United States of America with the past election.


Remember that infinite possibilities are alive and well, as we keep your eye on what we WANT our country to be, the Universe will continue to work its magic.

While we’re talking about changing the world, it’s important to realize that where it all begins is with YOU.

You-loving-you is the most important part of everything else.

And you-loving-you doesn’t just magically happen. You must know yourself…really know yourself, to love yourself.

We have 5 simple questions to ask yourself to help you do just that.

Check out the video for the questions.

We’re so glad you’re here, and if there’s any topic you’d like to have discussed, we would love to hear about it. Simply leave us a comment or find us on facebook and let us know. Maybe we’ll even do a facebook live video all about it.

You’re the best. 


Tiff & Jack