Is Romance Dead?

Is Romance Dead?

What kind of love and romance are you looking for?

Are you looking for love that gives you superficial comfort (keeping everything on the surface to simply keep-the-peace), or are you willing to know the scars as well as the triumphs of the person that wraps you in their arms, and to share your own?

Do you believe that romance is temporary and the mundane is reality, or do you believe that romance and passion are the truth and the mundane is nothing more than a mere distraction?

Enjoying intimacy and romance with your “other” is not only possible but very likely, when you willingly open your heart to be loved.

Now, having said that, we understand that you’ve endured abuses of many kinds, and experienced much sorrow and sadness in your life, we also know that when you find yourself in a relationship with the person you choose to be with, you’ll have to open your heart to that person again-and-again-and-again.

Your open heart is the doorway to experiencing the exultantcy of romantic love.

Remember, the way to the love and romance you desire is found as you move through the dark times and willingly open your heart again to the possibilities.

The possibilities for your happiness and joy are as infinite as your willing to be vulnerable.

Are you willing?

We believe in your passionate romance, and know it’s absolutely yours to have.

Here’s to your life of love and romance.


Tiff & Jack

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Advice for the Free Spirit…

Advice for the Free Spirit…

*[Art by Kelly Verstraete ~ 2STARART.COM]

When you become the conscious creator of your own life, you’re claiming your FREE SPIRIT self.

What does becoming a conscious creator of your own life mean? It means you understand that your thoughts are creating your reality and you have the say over what you’re going to create.

It’s up to you, baby.

Living As a Free Spirit means you’ll march to the beat of your own drum, led by your heart’s desires. You’ll be inspired to do things differently than how you’ve done them before.

Living as a Free Spirit keeps life alive and exciting, and something new is always around the corner.

This way of living feels amazingly delightful. Yes, you’ll be blazing your trail which means being willing to step into the unknown and trust you’ll always have the next step presenting itself to you (and it always does, right after you take that first step).

You’ll notice that things feel different when you’re living as a FREE SPIRIT, they’ll feel better because you’re living in personal alignment with your desires.

You’ll also notice that as you make shifts and changes and live more from your heart center, people will pop in to tell you why you can’t or shouldn’t do what you’re doing.

When you get kickback from others, it gives you a fantastic opportunity to be your authentic self and stand up in who you are, with confidence, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Living from your heart center and choosing a life that feels good to you is the most powerful way to live and will influence others to live empowered lives as well.

You were not placed on this planet to conform to old traditions and paradigms or someone else’s idea of who you “should” be.

You’re here to live free…free to be and do whatever you choose.

When you look around you’ll be amazed to see that many of your skeptics are the ones stuck in a rut and living far less than what they could.

Here’s to you living as your Free Spirit self. There’s nothing quite like it!

Before we go, we have one quick question for you, “If there were no limits of time or money, what is one thing you’d be doing right now in your life?” 


Tiff & Jack
Your Life and Love Coaches

P.S. One of Tiff’s most favorite books that helps her keep her thoughts in alignment, and continually living as her Free Spirit self, is “Ask and It Is Given,” by Esther & Jerry Hicks. Enjoy…

Life Lessons of a Wise & Wild Woman

Life Lessons of a Wise & Wild Woman

As I Tiffany, look back on my life, I’m amazed at the lessons I’ve learned. I have much gratitude for this journey I’ve been on.

As a teenager I believed many negative things about myself and my world, much to my surprise that is exactly what I experienced. In fact, all of my greatest fears became my reality.

I didn’t understand back then how my thoughts we creating my harsh reality through The Law of Attraction.

I learned, believe me, I learned.

As a young married woman I learned that no matter how hard I tried, the only person I could change was myself. My failed 21 year marriage was not a mistake, it was simply a period of time where I got to figure out what I’m really made of.

I learned that I’m not a victim and that I get to create my reality by understanding no matter how hard things have been, it does NOT have to continue on.

If life is going to constantly change why not choose to have more of what you want right? Right!

I also learned that the kind of person you attract when you’re 20 is not the kind of person you’ll attract when you’re 40.

I’m grateful for the 21 years I spent married to my ex-husband because it gave me clarity of much of what I did’t want in my life so I can create what I do want.

Most of my life I suffered severe clinical depression and many health problems. I was in bed for a decade and spent 25 years on heavy doses of medications to manage my emotions and health issues.

I didn’t realize that I could manage my emotions and heal my body by taking a look at my thoughts. When you’re thinking negative thoughts your whole damn life you’re going to have plenty of negative emotions and pain in your bod. All the negative things I was thinking were keeping me in bed sick!

Once I changed my mind I changed my life.

It feels great to be off all the pills and living my mission in joy-filled days, let me tell you!!!

As a mother of 6 brilliant kids, and the cutest grand baby you’ve ever seen, I’ve learned much about surrender and trust in the Universe/God.

I’ve received many miracles in my life and observed them in the lives of our children, over-and-over. I could never deny the power of the Universe in my life and I’m so glad to know that I can count on it in every step I take.

I also know that no matter what we as parents say, our children will choose for themselves the things that feel most resonant to them…even if it looks like it could be the worst possible choice they could make.

It’s our job as parents to love our children no matter what they choose, and to remember that the Universe is also working in their behalf so we can remind them to create and trust.

It’s our job to live empowered lives.

When I speak of living an empowered life I’m talking about making clear decisions for what we want to create in our OWN experience and committing to those decisions, while setting clear boundaries of what we will and will not do for others.

If we will do this, we’ll experience much personal joy, and our children will learn by watching. Our powerful example will empower them to do the same.

Now at the age of 44 I’m living the life I’ve always wanted and it keeps getting better-and-better.

The greatest part of where I am today is that I’m with the love of my life and the match of my heart. The learning and growth that I’ve experienced in this relationship surpasses all of my learning combined. This partnership I’m in is truly The Key to creating the abundant life I now live.

I know that if I have the ability to find my ONE, everyone can!

Jack and I have the amazing opportunity to work with people all over the globe to teach them how to create the life they desire and how to have Relationship Bliss.

We love what we do.

After all I’ve shared I can say the biggest and most powerful lesson I’ve learned is that YOU get to have the life and relationship YOU want if you will choose to have it and allow it in.

That to me is the most exciting news ever!

What life will you choose to live? Do you believe that you can have the desires of your heart? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to allow it in?

Peace & Sparkles