I don’t believe in luck…

I don’t believe in luck…

My house is silent, other than the sound of the crackling fire. Breakfast has been made, coffee has been brewed ank I’m deep in thought this snowy morn.

I’m very grateful for the life that I have. Some call me lucky…I don’t believe in luck.

I believe that we create the lives we are living.

I spent many years sick, depressed, poverty-stricken, and living in total scarcity in my mind and affairs.

Let me tell you, I understand the law of attraction on a very deep level. I was creating the life that I did not want. Once I changed my thoughts I created something different.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

As I sit with my thoughts this morning and the gratitude I feel for what I’ve created thus far, I know that there is still more to create from the desire’s of my heart.

One of the trickiest parts of creating a life that is joyful was learning that all I have to do is allow what I want into my experience. I had so many beliefs and people that told me why I couldn’t or shouldn’t have something. When I let those beliefs go, and realized that I could have anything I wanted, the Universe started pouring these gifts into my life…not because I earned it, but because I allowed it in.

The greatest gift of my life is Jack Walker. He’s the love of my life and the bliss in my heart. He’s my match.

I had to allow this relationship into my life. That meant that I had to release many thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and even some people.

I had to be very brave and truly listen to what my heart was saying.

There were days that I felt so scared I could barely breathe. But now as I look into the eyes of my beloved, I thank God every day that I was willing to allow what I truly wanted into my experience. Jack is everything that I ever wanted and more in a spouse.

We also get the rare and privileged opportunity of running a business together where we teach people how to thrive instead of just surviving the day-to-day, especially in relationship with their significant other.

We have learned much on our journey together and we love to share the magic.

I leave a blessing upon all the readers of this post.

Know that you get to create whatever you want.

Know that the only thing that gets in your way is your own limiting beliefs that tell you why you can’t or shouldn’t have your desire.

Focus on your desires, not on the things that are missing in your life.

Think about how good it would feel if you had the things that felt important to you. Focus on that and things will begin to change.

Have a blessed day dear ones.

Much love and gratitude,


Should you kiss on the first date?

Should you kiss on the first date?

Do you think you should kiss on the first date? Why or why not?

My first kiss with Jack was the most amazing kiss I’ve ever experienced. It happened 3 years after we met. I hadn’t ever felt so connected to another soul as I did with his.

It was like our lips were created for each other and I had finally come home. After all these years we cannot keep our lips off of  each other.

Here are some fun facts about kissing…


  • When you kiss someone for the first time, you get a spike in the neurotransmitter dopamine, making you crave more.
  • Two thirds of people tilt their head to the right when they kiss.
  • When you kiss someone your heart beats faster and more oxygen reaches your brain.
  • Endorphins released during kissing bring on waves of euphoria
  • Kissing triggers the release of oxytocin in your body.
  • kissing in a relationship is related to how satisfied people say they are in that relationship.
  • The world record for the longest kiss stands at well over two days.
  • Your lips have a disproportionate number of nerve endings compared to other parts of your body.
  • When your lips touch someone else’s 5 out of 12 of your cranial nerves are engaged.
  • Over time, kissing lowers your levels of stress hormone cortisol, making you feel all safe and secure.
  • Most people remember their first kiss more vividly than the first time they had sex

Now, go kiss someone.