Change is in the air!

Change is in the air!

There’s a brisk wind coming into my bedroom window as I lay under my feather quilt.

My nose is cold and I get to snuggle up to my sleeping beloved as I type this on my iPhone. Life does not get better than this I must say!

Winter’s coming early this year and I’m not surprised. I could feel it coming weeks ago. I was telling Jack that change was on its way.

Change always happens doesn’t it? You can count on it no matter what.

The funny thing is most of us try to avoid it at all costs.

Why do we do this?

The unconscious brain’s prime directive is to keep things the same, so that it knows what to count on. This is the “safety” default setting.

If anything pops in that’s unfamiliar we tend to get a bit skittish and exhibit sabotaging behaviors. Thus, most people are anxious all the time.

Even though change is not always the desired outcome for the unconscious, it inevitably rocks our world over and over again.

The only thing that won’t change is the fact that change is continually happening.

If we’ll learn to embrace the unknown and unfamiliar we’ll thrive in the place of unlimited possibility. This is where we can set our intentions, and begin to manifest our heart’s desire. It’s the home land of all miracles!

If things were to stay the same we’d be seriously limited and stuck in the same old same old. Who really wants that? Not me!

The Universe is always here to assist by saying, “Yes” to what we focus on. And I mean every single solitary thing!!!

So, what’re you thinking about? What’s your focus?

If it’s not what you want, change your thoughts straight away so the change that comes into your life will head in the direction you truly want.

The unknown is right where I want to be. And believe me, I’m there often!

I embrace change because I know that if I want more of anything, things must change from what they are right now.

Let’s embrace the unknown so we can make love with idea of change.

I’m going to close my eyes now, in this glorious early Fall breeze and meditate, then I’m going imagine how great all my holiday parties will be.

Ahhhhhh, beautiful things are coming . . . to you too!

Peace and Sparkles,


P.S. If you have a friend that’s going through a load of change, why not share this message with them today, and lighten their world. We’d be honored. 🙂

Both Sides of Authenticity

Both Sides of Authenticity

Living authentically has been scary on occasion for Jack and me, especially as public figures. We never know how we’ll be received. We never know who our haters may be.

We live authentic lives because it’s the only path to true happiness.

Happiness is my deepest desire, and I’ll do what ever it takes to be happy.

Living in what another person wants for me makes me feel dead and unhappy. I won’t do it. Ever.

The reason we share our journey is so that YOU might find hope in living your truth. We love our human family, and we’re here as a support to you that want to create loving and abundant lives.

We often talk about our joy and happiness and how blessed we are, which may have left you with the feeling or idea that we’re just lucky and things are always easy.


Life’s not always a cake walk for us.

Being authentic, also means getting real.

Here are some real facts for you…

A year ago Jack’s sister died, and it was devastating. This month also marks the death of his dad, when Jack was 11.

We were terrified to tell the family of Jack’s FTM transition in fear that they would feel like this would be like another death to them. And sure enough there has been talk of exactly that. Now there are just a few in his family that will talk to us. We’ve been wading through much rejection, and it isn’t easy, in fact it’s heartbreaking for Jack and hurts my feelings that I’m not openly accepted or recognized as an important part of Jack’s life.

I think we’re pretty freaking awesome and have a lot of love to give, but we won’t conform to what others think we should be or do, so often it means, we’re out. This SUCKS!

When Jack and I together made the decision for him to transition, I knew it was right, but had to walk in pure faith all the same.

The fears that came up in me were hellacious. My biggest fear would scream that Jack might not want me anymore. I wondered how the testosterone would make him act. What if it made him mean? I was so afraid.

It took me a while to let go of the idea of “Suzi.” But now, it’s just Jack and it all feels so right! Three months in, and I count this transition as the greatest gift of our lives.

There are days I do break down and cry because I feel so tired of the backlash and fear of other people in regards to how I choose to live my life.

“Can’t you see that I’m more happy than I have every been? Why can’t you see me?”

Sometimes the fears that come up with running a business, being the mother of 6 children, running a home, writing articles, making videos, constantly doing my inner work so that I can stay in alignment and teach, and supporting my husband through his changes, is so overwhelming I feel like I’ll be crushed by the illusions I buy into.

Sometimes my fears get the best of me.

If it weren’t for Jack, as my partner in it all, the one who helps me keep perspective, and for all the details he takes care of, I couldn’t do any of this. He truly makes my life run smooth.

He treats me like a queen.

People see how in love we are and think it’s always been like this.

NO ONE has a clue as to what we’ve had to release and what we’ve had to do to be where we are.

It’s true, we’re deeply in love and have an amazing life but only because we’re willing to do the hardest things you could possibly imagine.

We live a life of trusting God and the universe implicitly.

We were both in difficult marriages to other people for 20 years before we found each other.

When we did find each other, we had to let go of every single way we’d always done things, in order to be together.

Do you know what that was like? OMG! There are no words to describe it, a true fire walk of epic proportions.

The great thing about all of this… We now have the answer to the hard question, “How do you create Relationship Bliss?”

This is part of our authenticity. Make no mistake, our life isn’t just a cup of tea.

It takes effort to choose happiness and live it.

What are you willing to do to be happy?

Are you willing to walk into the unknown?

Can you get real with the people around you?

Can you handle a bit of rejection?

If you said yes to these questions, you will have happiness and bliss!

You can start being authentic here, ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH to tell us one thing that others might not know about you? C’mon, please share down below.

Remember you’re not alone in this life. We’re right here with you, wanting to make things easier.

Loves and kisses,


Force vs. Flow…What’s it gonna be?

Force vs. Flow…What’s it gonna be?


I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to force things to go a certain way in my life, how about you??

This has caused much anger and resentment on my part.

Now I choose to live in the flow, trusting that the Universe is my perfect life manager.

Have you noticed when you have a problem, everyone has a solution and an opinion?

There are voices coming at you from every angle, “Do this! Do that!”

Then of course, there’s the monkey chatter in your head telling you to do all kinds of things that feel hard and grueling so you can get what you want. Eeeeek!

We all feel called to live a life of happiness and joy, yet so many can’t seem to find it.

We all have desires of what we want life to look like, yet many feel they can’t have it.

Why is that?

The answer is simple. You aren’t allowing it to be.

When you set an intention to have certain experiences in life, the things of now must fall away in order for you to receive what you’re calling in.

This isn’t talked about very often because it feels scary to openly accept that things must change. So, either you can accept this truth, or simply live as a victim while life happens “to” you.

Understanding the clearing process is a critical part of attracting what you want.

For instance, you want more money to come into your life, then you lose your job.

You may feel completely duped until you see that because you lost your job, you had to relocate. You found a friend in your new area that was looking to hire a person with your skills. You were hired and within a short period of time you were in the job and money of your dreams. Thank you Universe!

Maybe you’ve set the intention to have a loving and beautiful marriage because you aren’t happy with how your marriage is, then you find yourself divorced. How could this happen? Soon you find the love of your life and all of a sudden you’re living smack dab in the center of what you wanted. Thank you Universe!

These miracles can only happen when certain things are cleared out.

We run into problems when we have a death grip on the now.


When we become resistant to change, we block the flow of our intention. When things look like they’re falling apart, people tend to panic and jump back into force trying to save what’s meant to dissolve… thus keeping themselves stuck in what they don’t want. And even in this, the Universe says, “YES!”

In order to receive what you intend, you must let go of the process of how it comes through, for that job is being done for you by Source.

This is called “living in the flow.” (No drowning involved!)

It’s in uncertainty that all possibilities exist.

Once you embrace this, you will live a joyful and abundant life no matter what things look like.

Here’s a very important truth we teach all of our clients…

When life feels to be falling apart, remember that a clearing is happening in order for things to fall perfectly into place.

The Universe always says YES!

Now take a load off and enjoy your perfectly designed day!



P.S. Here’s a quick grab guide to help you find your center when your world feels upside down (and it only takes 30 seconds to do), click the pink panner for immediate access.


Is self-love selfish?

Is self-love selfish?

Love can feel like risky business.

When you’re in a loving place, everything feels amazing, when love feels far away…not so much!

Have you ever considered the fact that loving yourself might be the ticket to a better relationship with your SO (significant other) and everyone else, for that matter?

Do you know how to love yourself and why it matters so much?

Today Tiff has something very important to share with you about self-love and how it directly impacts your relationship and life.


You loving yourself first is the answer to loving your SO (significant other) or anyone else.

Self-love is it.


Tiff & Jack

P.S. We’d love to know how you self-love, c’mon please share right down below.